Honey Expert: Slovakia has world-leading expertise

June 24, 2022 7:00 Me Premium content

Honey can be used as a remedy for medicine.

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Scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biology at the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) have spent years studying honey. Delicious substances are primarily used as sweeteners, but there are many other things we can offer.

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“Our laboratory is one of the leaders not only in Europe but also in the world,” said molecular biologist JURAJMA JTÁN. He and his colleagues are studying the effects of honey on wounds and their antibacterial properties.

The laboratory you work in has developed a method to measure the antibacterial effect of honey. What can you say about this?

The antibacterial activity of honey is the most well-known and most scientifically studied biological property. In New Zealand and Australia, scientists have developed similar methods for determining the antibacterial activity of honey, but they mainly focus on a particular type of flower honey called manuka. Its antibacterial activity is different compared to European and American honey. Having studied antibacterial activity for over 15 years, we have developed and optimized our own methods.

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Can this method be used with any kind of honey?

Suitable for testing honey of any plant origin or condition, whether liquid or crystallized. This method is a complementary method and determines the added value of honey.More discerning consumers who consider honey as a so-called functional food [a food with a positive effect on health beyond nutrition – ed. note] Currently, I am using Manuka honey, which has antibacterial activity. But in Slovakia, we also have high quality honey with the same, or even higher, antibacterial activity. Therefore, we believe this method is necessary to support the biological function of honey.

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