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Hong Kong conducts Covid-19 mass test

Hong Kong will begin compulsory inspections of Covid-19 on 7.4 million residents from mid-March, leader Carrie Lam said yesterday.
Lam said strict coronavirus regulations will come into force until mid-April and schools will be closed until August as authorities fight to control an “exponential” rise in infections that overwhelm medical facilities and resources. Said.
Hong Kong has some of the most densely populated areas on the planet. The vast majority of people living in skyscrapers are cheeking with their families and often share a small elevator.
“The next 1-3 months are important to fight a pandemic,” Lam said at a press conference.
Residents need to test three times under a compulsory testing scheme, with a daily test capacity of 1 million.
She said the venue, including the school campus, could be used for testing and quarantine.
This measure is the toughest to take place two years after a pandemic at a global financial hub.
Lamb repeated the “Dynamic Zero Covid” strategy of cities similar to mainland China, aiming to eradicate the outbreak at all costs.
She repeatedly thanked the mainland authorities for their “stubborn support.” She said authorities are not considering blocking the entire city as it is in mainland China.
However, the central government will support the construction of temporary hospitals.
Former British colonial health officials reported that 6,211 new cases, 32 deaths, and an additional 9,369 cases were positive on preliminary tests.
They said the test backlog meant they couldn’t get the big picture.
In a paper entitled “Modeling the 5th Wave of Covid-19 in Hong Kong,” researchers at the University of Hong Kong could update their February 10 survey to peak near 100 by late March. It showed the number of sexual daily deaths and stated that it was cumulative. By mid-May, the number of deaths could increase to about 3,206.
Infection can peak at 180,000 people a day.
Within two weeks, the same researchers predicted that daily infections would peak at around 28,000 by mid-March, with a total of 954 deaths by the end of June.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/710449/Hong-Kong-to-enforce-mass-testing-for-Covid-19 Hong Kong conducts Covid-19 mass test

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