Hong Kong reborn from fire: Xi

Takeover on July 1st:
The president advertised that China’s “one country, two systems” has “great vitality” and guarantees long-term stability and prosperity of its territory.

China’s President Xi Jinping said yesterday on his first visit since the collapse of Hong Kong’s democratic movement that Hong Kong, which arrived today to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the transfer of territory, was “reborn from fire.”

Xi’s trip is an opportunity for the Chinese Communist Party to show its dominance after a major protest swallows territory in 2019, urging Beijing to impose strict crackdowns.

“Over the past period, Hong Kong has undergone multiple serious tests and overcame multiple risks and challenges,” Xi said after arriving at a high-speed train station in the city center. “After the storm, Hong Kong was reborn from a fire and emerged with vigorous vitality.”

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Today’s anniversary also marks the midpoint of the 50-year governance model agreed by Britain and China that Hong Kong will maintain some degree of autonomy and freedom.

Critics say the National Security Act imposed by Beijing after the 2019 protest revealed those promised freedoms, but Xi said yesterday that “one country, two systems” is a big force. Proved to have. “

“It can guarantee the long-term stability and prosperity of Hong Kong and protect the well-being of the people of Hong Kong,” he added.

Xi’s visit is the first time he has left mainland China since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Accompanied by his wife, Wang Yi, and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, he was greeted by schoolchildren, lion dancers and carefully selected official media waving flags and flower bouquets at the station.

The details of the trip were well hidden and the visit triggered a major security effort.

Government leaders were forced into an anti-COVID “closed-loop” system, parts of the territory were closed, and journalists were banned from what happened today.

Xi may spend the night in Shenzhen on the mainland.

People who got into Xi’s orbit during the trip, including high-ranking government officials, began to limit social contact, undergo daily polymerase chain reaction tests, and check in to quarantine hotels within the days leading up to their visit. I did.

“If we’re going to meet the best leaders and other leaders in a crowd to play safely, I think it’s worth entering into a closed-loop arrangement,” said veteran Pro-Beijing politician Regina Yip. (Yoshigi Ha Liu) said.

Authorities worked to eliminate potential sources of confusion while Xi was in Hong Kong, and national security police arrested at least nine people in the past week.

The League of Social Democrats (LSD), one of the few remaining opposition groups in Hong Kong, said it would not demonstrate today after national security officers had talked with volunteers related to the group.

LSD leaders said their homes were being searched and they had talked with police.

LSD President Chan Po-ying said he began to feel that he was being followed and watched over the past few days.

A top polling group in Hong Kong has announced that it will postpone the release of findings that measure government popularity “in response to suggestions from relevant government departments after risk assessment.”

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