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Hong Kong says Omicron has violated its strict Covid-19 restrictions

Health officials in Hong Kong said yesterday that an omicron variant of coronavirus passed some of the world’s most stringent Covid-19 restrictions and the city reported the first case outside a strict quarantine system.
The findings pose the risk that global financial hubs may continue to close their borders tightly until 2022. Mostly isolated from the world wanting to open the border with mainland China for a limited number of business travelers.
The last Covid-19 case in Hong Kong, followed outside the quarantine facility and hotel, was discovered in October. Previous infections with the Omicron variant were discovered during quarantine of people returning to Hong Kong.
Health Minister Sophia Chan said she was at home because one of the four crew members who tested positive after returning to Hong Kong went to a restaurant where she passed the virus to her father and a client sitting at another table. He told reporters that he had violated the quarantine rules.
“Omicron is rampant all over the world … and now it’s pervading the community,” Chan said. “The priority was to deal with the pandemic,” she added, although preparations for reopening the border with China are ongoing. Health official Chuan Shuk Kwan told reporters that another airline worker, who tested positive but was previously thought to have been at home, opened a bar in a crowded nightlife district shortly after his recent return. He said he had visited.
According to Chan, Cathay Pacific CEO Carrie Lam met with Cathay Pacific officials yesterday to express dissatisfaction with the rule violations.
Cathay added in a statement that five crew members had recently been positive and that “the investigation of the case showed serious protocol violations by some individuals” and that disciplinary action would begin.
“The actions of these individuals are very disappointing because they undermine the exemplary dedication and compliance of more than 10,000 crew members,” said Andy Wong, General Manager of Corporate Affairs. This week, the government has tightened quarantine rules for air crew members who were allowed to quarantine at home. This is unlike most returnees who have to quarantine at their own expense for up to 21 days at the hotel.
According to Cathay, pilots had expressed concern about mental health in a long-term isolation before the tightening, but recent tightening has canceled a significant number of passenger and cargo flights to and from Hong Kong. Stated.
Hong Kong has not been infected with the coronavirus for a long time since the pandemic began. However, less than 70% of the eligible population, far less than in other developed cities, receive either China’s Sinovac or Germany’s BioNTech vaccine twice. Only about 5% of people received the third booster shot.
Researchers in Hong Kong have found that three doses of Sinovac vaccine do not produce sufficient levels of antibody to fight the Omicron variant.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707219/Hong-Kong-says-Omicron-has-breached-its-strict-Cov Hong Kong says Omicron has violated its strict Covid-19 restrictions

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