Hopefully this is my turn, but West Ham boss Moyes wants the glory of Europe

David Moyes finally has his turn to win the trophy at the climax of West Ham’s march in Europe and wants his father to be there to see it.

Hammers, who will enter the Europa League semi-final away leg 2-1 in Eintracht Frankfurt, is eager to overcome the deficit and reach the final in Seville in two weeks.

Moyes’ father, David Moyes, 86, was there at every stage of the amazing journey of West Ham leading a difficult group before knocking out Sevilla and Lyon.

The managerial career, which began 24 years ago in Preston, now exceeds the height of Moise’s successful spell with Everton, and Scott wants to conclude it with a major European trophy. West Ham is the first in 57 years.

But arguably on the eve of the biggest match of his career, Moise said:

“There are so many games throughout your career that when you reach the big ones, you think” it’s big “. But there are lots of big games, lots of ups and downs.

“It’s hard to always be a winner because everyone is fighting for that prize. But when you get close to this, you ask,” Is this my turn or my chance? ” I think. I hope this is my turn.

“My dad is coming tomorrow. I hope my son will take me to the match at the age of 86. My brother will bring me my dad and I can see us at this stage. Is great. We hope to give him a night to remember.

“It would be special if he saw us win tomorrow, and even better if it was the final. He wants it, and so does I.

“The biggest thing is that he enjoys it, and the biggest thing for me is that we reach the final.”

The turnaround in West Ham from a demoted fighter to a European challenger is reflected by the rise of forward Jarrod Bowen.

Called “Argenboen” by West Ham fans, the 25-year-old is on the verge of calling England after playing in the championship with Hull two years ago.

“It’s about taking it to come every year,” Bowen said. “When I first played in Hereford, and now in the Europa League semi-finals, it’s been strange for eight years.

“I didn’t expect this to happen, but I’m very grateful.”

West Ham can welcome Craig Dawson from a pause while fellow defenders Issa Diop and Ben Johnson are in good health.

Frankfurt boss Oliver Glasner claims that his side will not sit on their slender lead to book a date with either Bundesliga companion RB Leipzig or the Rangers.

“We look forward to an opponent who will try everything and move on to the final,” he said.

“But our approach is clear. From the first second we want to play with our fans for victory and challenge the opposite defense.

“Our route is to move forward and occupy our opponents forever. We need even better performance than the first leg.” Hopefully this is my turn, but West Ham boss Moyes wants the glory of Europe

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