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Hornblower acquires two offshore vessels

The Hornblower Group announced on Wednesday that it had acquired two offshore vessels. Previously California Responders and Pacific Responders Seaward Explorer and Seaward Endeavor, respectively. Seaward Services, Inc., which is part of the horn blower group of the shipping business. (SSI) provides quick access to multipurpose supply vessels for charters.

Seaward Explorer and Seaward Endeavor were built in VT Halter Marine, Mississippi, and were commissioned by the Marine Spill Response Company (MSRC) in response to the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Since its construction, both ships have been operating strictly under the ownership of MSRC and serve as a pre-positioned oil spill response asset.

The acquisition of both vessels by Seaward Services is the first attempt to leverage the full functionality of previous spill-capable vessels of this class to serve as a multipurpose supply vessel (MSV) in a variety of commercial activities.

“We continue to position Hornblower as a global leader in experience and transportation, and as we expand our client service portfolio within the shipping industry, we are the first company to adopt this class of multipurpose vessels such as the Seaward Explorer. We are proud to say that Scott Thornton, Chief Operating Officer of the Hornblower Group’s ferry and transportation division, said: “These two dynamic and operational versatile vessels are virtually the same. It is our first time to make it available to clients everywhere and is a testament to the work of our wonderful Seaward Services team. “

208-foot long ABS Class-Sub-Chapter D and Sub-Chapter I previous spill response vessels have been integrated into the Hornblower Group and Seaward Services’ extensive global maritime operations, including offshore wind. Will be available for applications not limited to these. Construction / mooring and operational support, emergency response, global expedition support, cargo and cargo operations, and government and civilian maritime training activities.

The Seaward Explorer and Seaward Endeavor are equipped with the following, respectively.

  • Command and control room workspaces and offices with enhanced mooring for up to 38 people. Expanded the workforce capacity of more than 50 people for short-term work.
  • Launch and recovery equipment for small aircraft, ROVs, and towed array operations. Includes two 20 ton cranes and three hydraulic deck winches, each rated 5, 10, and 20 ton.
  • Two 6.5-meter Brunswick Impact 650 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) with 170hp Volvo Penta Outdrive included for charterers.
  • A helicopter deck compatible with the Bell L206 and suitable for supporting aerial drones.
  • It has a deadweight of 1,235 tons, an open deck space of approximately 3800 ft2, and a covered deck space of 900 ft2, all equipped with a Peck & Hale fixing system.
  • 4k barrel oil storage capacity over 4 tanks, each with an in-tank thermal oil heater, Framo deepwell centrifugal pump, and International Intershield 300V epoxy coating.
  • Port and starboard oil transfer manifolds suitable for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore operations.
  • Tow a bit with a hydraulic McKelroy MC-21 capstan
  • A voyage range of 7,200 nautical miles. Enables diverse global operations.

As an IOS 9001 certified operator, Seaward Services operates a variety of military and commercial vessel classes. Recently, he chartered the current Seaward Explorer to support Navy research and aerial drone projects in the commercial, government, defense, research and support departments.

“The acquisition of these vessels marks a bright future for Seaward Services and expansion of our business in the global shipping industry,” said John Keever, President of Seaward Services, Inc. A field of new technologies in the construction and operational support of offshore wind power. “

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