Horror Prices for Sziget Festival 2022!

After a three-year hiatus, the Sziget Festival will finally return in 2022. But be prepared for horrendous prices this year! Beer is HUF 1,290 (EUR 3,23), bottled water is HUF 850 ​​(EUR 2,13)​ and the cheapest burger is HUF 4,500 (EUR 11,28).

Horrible prices due to inflation

Since 2019, inflation has become a serious problem, affecting Hungary’s popular festivals. – Reports szeretlekmagyarorszag.huFood and drink are also a typical part of the festival, although tickets already cost a lot. Brick Here are the most popular street food and drink prices.


  • Dreher draft beer HUF 1,290 (3.23 euros)
  • Canned beer HUF 1,390 (3.48 euros)
  • Cider HUF 1,590 (3.98 euros)
  • Short drink: 4 cl vodka, whiskey, brandy or rum HUF 1,950 (4.89 euros)
  • Wine is HUF 690 (1.73 euros)/dl
  • Mineral water HUF 850 ​​(2.13 euros)
  • Cocktails from HUF 4,000 (10.02 euros)


  • Burgers from 4,500 forints (11.28 euros)
  • Gyro from HUF 3600 (9.02 euros)
  • A slice of pizza from HUF 1,990 (4.99 euros)

These prices may seem expensive at first, but it should be noted that internationally, this price list is still considered on the cheap side. forbes.

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VIP 57 to 59,000 forints (142,82 – 147,83 Euro)

Despite the significant price increase, organizers expect Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to be packed. Especially on Wednesdays, with Dua Lipa. Additionally, they warn audiences that they should buy tickets in advance if they don’t want to miss out. to be done in

In order to offer a private and exclusive experience only to those who can allow it, the VIP section is HUF 57-59,000 (142,82 – 147,83 Euro). However, tickets for this price on Wed, Fri, and Sat are already sold out. The organizers are offering VIP guests a special lane his entry, an expanded main stage stand and a new VIP zone.

Green Siget Festival

Organizers say this year’s Siget will be greener than ever. In addition to tickets, visitors can also purchase timber to create his CO2 compensation forest. The festival will also launch a plastic bottle collection day, working closely with Coca-Cola. It also offers repo food (which hasn’t received much positive press lately) and decomposable tableware.

For general information about Sziget, read the article. here!

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