Hospitals are facing turmoil after a day’s strike by lab scientists

Hospitals are facing serious turmoil tomorrow due to strikes by medical scientists over wage and career development issues.

Thousands of procedures and outpatient appointments can be canceled as a result of industrial activities by approximately 2,000 members. Medical Laboratories Scientist Association (MLSA).

According to HSE, dialysis and some cancer services will continue, but all regular GP test services will be suspended from 8 am to 8 pm Wednesday.

“This behavior is expected to affect the emergency department and lead to delays in patients who need non-urgent treatment,” said a spokesman, who said that the emergency department would operate normally and be the most ill and most urgent. in the case of.

According to MLSA, members have been dissatisfied with the issue for many years and voted to take industrial action in November last year after voting 98% in favor.

The strike is proceeding after labor-management negotiations with employers did not reach an agreement earlier this year. Further industrial activity is planned for the 2nd of next week and the 3rd of the following week.

Medical scientists want the same wages as biochemists who also work in hospital laboratories. According to MLSA, members do the same job but are paid an average of 8 percent less.

Other issues the union wants to solve include making up for 20% of unfilled medical scientist posts in hospitals, more support for training and education, and increasing workload for laboratory diagnostics. Includes recognition.

HSE states that it is not necessary to contact the patient whose care is affected and call the hospital. Appointments and procedures suspended by the strike will be reschedule “as soon as possible”. Hospitals are facing turmoil after a day’s strike by lab scientists

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