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Hotel Show Dubai 2021: Opening Highlights from Day 1

Hotel Show Dubai 2021, the largest event in the region, is back today live and face-to-face at the Dubai World Trade Center. The show welcomed thousands of enthusiastic visitors and exhibitors from more than 20 countries over a three-day period until Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

The 21st edition of Hotel Show Dubai was launched by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed.

bin Saeed Al Maktoum adds importance to the moment of opening and emphasizes the importance of live events as an integral part of the local hospitality industry.

Exhibitors will attend a full schedule of seminars, live contests, conferences and demonstrations, with attendance from a number of prominent industry leaders offering many networking possibilities and exciting ideas exchanges, along with key regions. And included a selection of international brands. Anna Jafra, Manager of the Pomerania Development Agency, commented: Very busy, I was particularly impressed with the level of health and safety precautions that have made this show possible for so many people. “

The first day at Hotel Show Dubai prompted a strong revival of the hospitality industry and showed a bright and prosperous future for everyone involved. Andy White, Senior Vice President of the dmg event, said: “The goals of Hotel Show 2021 are education, inspiration and entertainment. We are delighted to be back in 15 months. As a result, we have focused on developing great content. This year we have doubled the number of seminars. I’m glad that the number of speakers has tripled from the previous edition. I couldn’t wait for the first day to have various experiences under one roof. Third day.”

Hospitality Leadership Forum

The Hospitality Leadership Forum has provided a valuable opportunity to spend time with the best leaders in the industry. Issam Kazim, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Corporation for Tourism & Commerce Marketing, was welcomed in a standing ovation in recognition of DTCM’s decisive response to the pandemic over the last 15 months. His fascinating keynote provided unique insights into Dubai’s strategic response to COVID-19, where the Emirate has emerged as a global blueprint for successful destination marketing.

F & B Stakeholder Summit

Elsewhere, the F & B Stakeholder Summit presented a series of focused conversations for the sector that have been incredibly challenged by the COVID-19 era. Naim Maadad, Chief Executive Officer of the Gates Hospitality Board member of Dubai Restaurant, will lead the first discussion, recognizing the abundant venues and talents available in the region, and industry experts will protect future retention and recovery. ..

HITEC Dubai 2021

Frank Wolfe, Chairman of HITEC Dubai, has taken the stage to begin a series of interactive discussions on topics such as data breach prevention and management that support the mobile era: wireless optimization, guest interaction. , And the panel that predicts future travel trends What can the hospitality industry learn from the development of other industries?

Hotel Show Chef Table Challenge

On the first day of this year’s long-awaited Chef Table Challenge, 10 participating chefs fought and returned to the 3rd edition at Hotel Show Dubai 2021. Visitors and exhibitors will be able to taste the cooking skills, presentations, and of course, on the spot with the participating teams by the judges.

The show will run until Wednesday, June 2, 2021. For more information: https://www.thehotelshow.com

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