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How Atos plays an important role in protecting customer data

Digital technology and data are shaping the world we live in, and the Middle East has long understood the strategic value of both. Customers in the region want fast, simple, and seamless mobile and online services. Additionally, a constant wave of emerging technologies is emerging, from automation and artificial intelligence to new cloud-enabled business models with a powerful data economy.

To keep up with the competition in this new world, organizations must modernize their old IT infrastructure and legacy systems.

As the Middle East continues to strengthen its digital infrastructure and accelerate innovation, players like Atos are committed to providing customers with a continued high level of service while preparing for the future. “Like all service organizations, our success depends on our ability to be attuned to the needs of our customers,” says newly appointed CEO Nourdine Bihmane. “It will continue Atos’ existing business lines and provide the added benefit of being focused on our technological strengths and markets, and providing us with the agility to better serve our customers.”

Accelerating digital transformation
Most businesses in the region, boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic, have already adopted or are embarking on digital transformation strategies across multiple industries. Moving to the cloud is an important part of that process.

Bihmane said organizations are recognizing how the cloud can provide the agility, cost efficiency, and flexibility needed to leverage data, reduce costs, accelerate decarbonization, and facilitate remote work at scale. I believe that “They have three types of cloud to choose from: private, public, and hybrid. The challenge is getting the most value out of the cloud while maintaining sovereignty and flexibility. People are investing in hybrid cloud as the best option,” he explains. However, many companies find the process of moving to the cloud too difficult. Especially in the light of increasing regulatory obligations and technical and security concerns.

“Atos’ strategy is not a dual vision of digital sovereignty, but rather a range of risk management to support industries and governments deploying hybrid and multi-cloud strategies around data segregation, infrastructure, applications, security and operations. It’s about creating a continuum that allows organizations to fully protect and manage their data on a continuum from the edge to the cloud, in line with the highest jurisdictional requirements,” commented Bihmane.

New cyber threats that cannot be ignored
Meanwhile, the new digital environment is expanding the cyber attack surface, and attackers are constantly evolving their tactics. Bihmane says hybrid he clouds need robust cybersecurity to protect data shared across public and private cloud environments at an acceptable cost. “Native of the cloud provider, his security controls are convenient, but have limitations such as misconfiguration and unauthorized access. We have to integrate.”

As organizations look to trusted and managed security partners in their fight against growing cyberthreats, Atos continues to work together in partnerships to protect customer data along their digital journey. The global cybersecurity company, ranked the world’s top for managed security services by Gartner, leverages global partnerships, local expertise and unique solutions to protect sensitive data such as personal data, intellectual property and financial data. Protect and manage sensitive data better and more efficiently. .

The company now separates into two publicly traded companies: Tech Foundations, a leader in managed infrastructure services, hybrid cloud, digital workplace and technology services; and Evidian, a market leader in digital transformation, big data and cybersecurity. We are considering. Bihmane leads Tech Foundations, which includes his 52,000 employees serving over 1,200 customers. “Our mission is clear: to design, build and manage world-class digital infrastructures. Evolve from critical infrastructure operations to the digital backbone of engineering companies to support your challenges. Hybrid It has strategic partnerships with cloud and orchestration hyperscalers and is positioned as a leader in edge and sovereign clouds to deliver a more immersive, data-driven employee experience and next-generation collaboration. As a recognized decarbonization leader, we can help our customers reduce their carbon footprint with green IT.

“We have a proven track record of innovation and are trusted to manage our clients’ most complex and critical projects. We are proud to have orchestrated, secured and transformed IT systems, and with Paris 2024 just around the corner, a lot is happening.”

Atos’ main goal going forward is to focus on its customers and align its priorities and strategies with their needs. “Looking to the future, we need to maintain customer intimacy and quality service. We are focused on insight into challenges and working in trusted partnerships to overcome them.With 112,000 Atos Associates, we are very excited about this future.”

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