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How Dubai-based Kachins Couture has evolved its tailoring business over over 40 years

What was Dubai’s men’s clothing market when his father Ashok Ramchandani founded Kachins Couture in 1981?
In the 1980s, men’s clothing tailoring appeared in the United Arab Emirates. There were only 4-5 stores in Dubai offering tailoring services for men. My dad founded our first store in the heart of Bar Dubai, and it still exists today. His early clients included Emirates, Coca-Cola, Juma Almajid, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, and many five-star hotels that made uniform orders to us.

At what point did Kachins move from a small business to a large business?
In 1989, Kachins began offering bespoke tailoring and fabrics in a one-stop shop under one roof from a single 690-square-foot store offering only bespoke tailoring services to a two-story 3,000-square-foot store. It has evolved into a foot store. My dad expanded the existing store and bought two more next to it. It has made Kachins a major shopping destination for men and women. It was also at this time that he launched the first designer boutique for women. The Kachins Group currently employs 140 people in five showrooms and factories. Currently, our volume ranges from 8,000 to 10,000 suits and shirts per year.

Kachin Couture

What is your expertise in the fabrics you are using and the tailors you are currently using?
We have worked with many well-known European fabric brands and factories. Brands we offer include, but are not limited to, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Cerruti, Huddersfield Worsted, Thomas Mason and Monti. Our tailors have been working with us for decades. With years of experience and practice, we can provide our clients with a high level of quality and workmanship.

What is the scope of the services Kachins currently offers?
We offer a wide range of products and services, from ready-made shirts to fully-visited bespoke suits.procedure [to create a bespoke suit] The client will be introduced to our service and will include the first consultation to sample the various fabrics available. Next, they are introduced to the Master Cutter, who uses his measurement method to learn the client’s posture and consider the best way to emphasize their characteristics. Second, clients can customize details such as jackets, shirts, waistcoats, trousers and shorts with different options such as thread color, lining, buttons, design and cut. The next step is a fitting that combines a loosely sewn suit to allow the master to see how well it works with the client. Changes are made and the second fitting is determined accordingly.

Kachin Couture

Our service will not stop once the delivery is complete. Team members will contact the client a few weeks later to ensure that the proceedings are proceeding properly and to see if any changes are needed. In addition, once your garment is successfully completed and delivered, client measurements and specifications are permanently stored in the system for future reference. This minimizes the lead time for repeat orders.

We also offer a door-to-door service where you can enjoy custom-made services while relaxing at home or in the office. If desired, the client can also receive the suit within 3 days when ordering an emergency delivery.

Apart from tailoring, shoes are another important element of your business. Please tell me about it.
In addition to ready-to-wear, we also offer custom-made shoes that allow customers to set appointments, create each pair from scratch, and create the style they want. It’s a process similar to making a suit. Demand for shoes has grown significantly in the last few years. We have brought this segment into our business by bringing in genuine bespoke shoes from Italy and Spain.


We plan to launch an e-commerce platform this year. What are some of your expectations from then on?
This website will be a gateway to markets that have yet to be reached. Many of our clients from all over the world were unable to contact us due to travel restrictions or faced difficulties due to the pandemic. This platform will help you respond to them in a bigger and better way. We aim to establish a click in markets around the world and this is our gateway.

What is your expansion plan?
There are already several stores in the pipeline this year, one of which will be the first international store outside the UAE. For some time, we have been considering expansion in the GCC region. Of course, Covid-19 was one of the reasons why we couldn’t do this yet. But I believe this year will finally be back there and it will be our year to see Kachin expand internationally. We aim to open more than 5 stores overseas by the end of next year.

What are the benefits of working in a family-owned business environment?
The best part about having a family business is the support system that comes with it. Whether it’s a new project or the difficulties you’re facing, we always support each other. Growing up in this business, I learned not only from my father, but also from my brothers, Ravi and Neetu, who make up the majority of the organization. They have been in the business much longer than I am and they supported and guided me when I joined.
Yes, there can certainly be conflicts of interest and approaches that we all disagree with, but this does not prevent us from working together well. We have always respected each other’s decisions, treated them as experiments, failed and succeeded, and contributed to the learning curve.

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