How much do I have to pay for electricity and gas in Hungary?

Energy prices have gone out of control, but the average citizen here in Hungary doesn’t feel much because of cost savings. All sorts of horrifying stories and photos have spread on the Internet about how much electricity and gas you have to pay since it was revealed that the government would cut even themselves (that is, increase overhead costs). .. Based on the average consumption in Hungary, I moved to Germany now and investigated how much electricity and gas would cost in Germany if I had a contract with a service provider.


The average annual electricity consumption in Hungary is 2523kWh, or 210kWh per month. For this reason, Hungarian consumers are now HUF 7750 (19.47 euros) Monthly or HUF 93,000 (233.67 euros) Annual reduction in electricity bills.

For simplicity, Blikk looked at how much German consumers would pay for 2500kWh of electricity annually. I looked at Stuttgart because prices vary by municipality and by service location. According to the calculator, the monthly bill is between € 98 and € 148. This is equivalent to a monthly bill of about 40-60,000 forint at today’s exchange rates.

In Hungary, the monthly charge for the same consumption is HUF 7750, which is the average monthly charge for consumers. Of course, it’s much easier to pay 40,000 forint a month from the average German salary than the average Hungarian.


The average gas consumption in Hungary is 1729 cubic meters / year, or 144 cubic meters per month. Therefore, one is HUF 16,048 (40.32 euros) Monthly, HUF 192,576 (483.86 euros) Per year.

In Germany, some energy suppliers are also competing for consumers in terms of gas. Blikk considered what offers to new Stuttgart customers for the average annual consumption of 1729 cubic meters, which is the average consumption in Hungary.

I had to do some math to get out of the cubic meter, but the value of one cubic meter of gas was converted to heating capacity. In this case, it is 18,241kWh per year. After that, electricity is much more expensive in Germany, much the same as in our case, but fortunately it’s just above average consumption, but it turns out that gas is even more expensive. became.

Cheaper offer is HUF 1,719,000 (4319.64 euros) Annually, this will be a “flat” monthly gas charge of 143,000 HUF ()359.3 euros), Both winter and summer. More expensive offers will be billed almost 2 million HUF per year.

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