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How NetApp Data Management Solutions Are Game Changers in the Middle East

During the pandemic, digital transformation has made great strides. So how do you respond to customer demands?
Over 70% of enterprises have been driven by the cloud, accelerating their digital transformation plans for at least a year. However, the rapid increase in adoption and faster release cycles raises concerns about efficiency, cost, and security. We aim to work with partners such as Ingram Micro to advise our customers on solutions using the best products. NetApp Value-Added Reseller, Ingram Micro, enables business partners to operate more efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve.

At NetApp, we put our customers first and are constantly transforming to meet the needs of our partners and customers. Enterprises need to optimize cloud costs and protect their cloud configurations.

Spot by NetApp revolutionizes the consumption of cloud infrastructure that leverages advanced analytics and automation to achieve continuous optimization. As a result, customers can save up to 90% of cloud costs while maintaining application SLAs and SLOs.

We partner with all major cloud providers to ensure partners and customers make choices. We also co-design innovative solutions and incorporate them directly into the services of each cloud provider to make it easier than ever to work together. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google independently sell and support NetApp storage services.

Kubernetes Data Management Platform – Tell us about the Astra DataStore.
In April 2020, we announced Astra by NetApp with the mission of making stateful applications on Kubernetes as easy to run and manage as stateless applications. Since then, we have fulfilled this mission with innovations such as Astra Control, the industry’s first Kubernetes data management service for fully managed applications. Over the past seven months, we’ve deployed Astra Control Service on Google Cloud and Azure to expand support for hybrid cloud deployments with self-managed software for applications running Kubernetes on-premises. In addition, Astra Control allows you to build backup, disaster recovery, cloning, and migration workflows for Kubernetes applications using the same UI and API, regardless of location.

He is also the creator and maintainer of Kubernetes (first released in 2016), the world’s first external provisioner, Astra Trident, providing native, integrated persistence for tens of thousands of stateful applications today. increase.

Astra Data Store is one of the first Kubernetes native integrated shared file services for containers and VMs with advanced enterprise data management. This helps customers accelerate the adoption of cloud-native apps in their organizations. We’ve done a lot with the Astra data store.

NetApp is also known for on-premises data management. What’s new in the portfolio for organizations to run business-critical applications on-premises?
Introducing the new AFFA 900 and ONTAP Enterprise Editions for business-critical enterprise applications. The AFF A900 organizes data storage performance that accelerates the needs of business-critical enterprise databases and applications, security and reliability to keep customer data available and secure, and the simplicity and flexibility required by agile organizations. To provide.

The AFF A900 also provides an enhanced user experience for managing your organization’s most important enterprise databases, including Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, and virtualized applications. The AFF A900 touts a very low latency of about 100 μs, with up to 50% better performance than previous models.

With ONTAP Enterprise Edition and the new anti-ransomware suite, organizations have built-in data protection and anti-ransomware solutions for preemption and post-attack recovery to prevent catastrophic data loss and financial costs.

The AFF A900 is available as a non-disruptive in-chassis upgrade to existing A700 customers for mission-critical operations with simplified updates and advanced reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAS) capabilities. Eliminate interruptions. In addition, ONTAP software automatically applies firmware updates to increase operational efficiency and simplify the day-to-day operations of IT teams. Keystone’s support for the AFF A900 also gives enterprises operational and financial flexibility to use storage and data services in the model that best fits their business needs.

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