How old are you old enough to be charged with a criminal prosecution?


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On June 22, Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon visited a juvenile correctional facility for girls in Anyang. Fifty-six girls under the age of 14 have been quarantined from society. The minister was there to check how they were nourished, educated and treated for medical problems.
June 22 현재 안양소 년원 에 는 14 세미만 여성 청소 년 56 명 한장관 은 안양소 년원 을 찾아 생활관, 의료 시설, 식당등 을 둘러보 았다.

“Young people should be educated and corrected,” Han said Wednesday. “They should be given opportunities, not punishments.” But on the same day, he also seemingly opposed, “citizens should be protected from the increasingly serious crimes of young people.” Said.
수요일 한 장관은 “소년들은 교육과 교화의 대상이며 처벌보다는 기회를 주어야 한다”고 말하면서도 “흉포화되는 소년범죄로부터 국민들을 안전하게 보호할 필요가 있다”고 같은 날 서로 상반되어 보이는 이야기를 전했다.

The big question that comes to Mr. Han’s mind is whether to lower the minimum legal age to allow young people to be charged with criminal charges from the current minimum age of 14. Criminal accusations are 12 or 13 years old. Each age was proposed by a separate motion proposed in parliament earlier this year.
한장관은현재만14세✧설정된촉법소년처벌연령의하향여부를고민 6月14日 12세와13세는올해초발의한별도의개정안들에서촉법소년연령의하한윜

If the motion is passed, national juvenile law will extend the range of statutory ages at which a person may be held criminally liable. From the current child’s age limit of 18 to 12 or 13 instead of 14. Severe punishment for minor criminals was one of the promises made by President Yun Suk-yul in the presidential election earlier this year.
법안이 통과되는 경우 소년법이 기소할 수 있는 법적 연령대는 현재 청소년 상한 기준인 18세에서 14세가 아닌 12세 혹은 13세로 확대될 것이다. 올해 초 윤석열 대통령은 대선 기간 동안 촉법소년을 엄중히 처벌하기 위해 상한 연령 을 하향 하겠다고 공약한 바 있다.

An increasing number of juvenile crimes are not subject to criminal accusations by persons under the legal age. According to the National Police Agency, the number of minors sent to the juvenile court in 2021 was 9,606, an increase of 46% from 2016. Over the last five years, about 40,000 underage criminals have avoided criminal accusations. About 76 percent of them committed robbery or physical violence.
범죄혐의✧형사처벌을할수없는법적연령이하의청소년범죄 경찰청에따르면2021년법원소년부✧송치된촉법소년은9,606명으✧2016년에비해앴 zippy난5년간범죄를저zippy르고도형사고발을피한 촉법 소년 은 약 4 만명 에달 이 중76% 는 절도 와 폭력혐 의 를 받고 있다.

■ Correctional facility 교정 시설
■ Separate 격리 하다 and 고립시 키다
■ ~ Target of 의대 상이다
■ Individual 서✧다른, 별개의, 관련 없는
■ Motion 발의, 동의
■ Strict 엄중한

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