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Q, We changed our grass with Kurapia, however the weeds had been overwhelming! Do you’ve gotten any strategies?

When planting plugs to determine a groundcover, the key to success is correct floor preparation. When researching this topic, I discovered little info on soil prep, however that is essential to success. We now have a buffalo grass garden that was began with plugs, so I’m writing from expertise.

After eradicating the sod, rake the soil floor to take away any rocks (or building particles resembling tile fragments, nails, beer cans, and so forth.). Totally water the soil and watch for the primary spherical of weed seeds to germinate. Brace your self  as a result of this half can get ugly.

After you have a lush carpet of weeds, take away them with a rake, hoe, or rototiller. Easy out the soil and water once more. The following crop of weeds must be smaller. Once more, take away the weeds, clean the soil, and water. This third spherical hopefully shall be pretty sparse.

Repeat functions of glyphosate (Spherical Up) might be a substitute for brute-force weed elimination. Spherical Up doesn’t stay energetic for lengthy (normally a number of days), so a weekly software could also be preferable.

As soon as the lurking weed seeds have been taken care of, you may start putting in the plugs. Since groundcover plugs might be costly, many gardeners will attempt to stretch every flat to cowl as a lot space as doable. This isn’t value it! Nearer-spaced planting will end in a a lot faster cowl. Pulling any errant weeds whereas ready for the groundcover to determine is tedious and never definitely worth the cash saved by shopping for one or two fewer flats.

Q, My tomato vegetation have yellowing leaves with brown spots. What’s inflicting this and the way can I repair it?

Your picture exhibits that the decrease leaves of the tomato plant are yellowing across the edges with scattered brown spots. That is possible brought on by early blight, a fungal illness.

Because the newer progress appears to be like wholesome, I like to recommend eradicating the decrease leaves and tossing them within the trash (don’t compost them). Keep away from overhead watering since this may unfold the spores to new leaves. A weekly software of a copper-based fungicide might be useful in stopping reappearance. Contemplate rotating your vegetable planting for subsequent yr’s backyard.

Q. Ought to I fertilize my tomato vegetation? I heard that they’re heavy feeders.

Tomatoes are one of many ‘hungrier’ vegetable vegetation. An early software of an all-purpose fertilizer may give you giant, lush-looking vegetation with stunning darkish inexperienced leaves. This further foliage is useful in defending the fruit from sunburn. After this preliminary flush of progress, occasional mild fertilization is useful. Use warning – an excessive amount of nitrogen may give you stunning vegetation with no tomatoes since all of the plant’s power will go into rising the leaves as a substitute of flowering and fruiting.

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