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How Qatar Helps Over 70,000 Yemen-Doha News

More than half of Yemen’s population currently lives Extreme povertyMake a charity project decisive for the survival of many people.

Qatar supports more than 73,500 vulnerable people living in inaccessible areas Yemen devastated by the war Make available clean water and environmental hygiene.

The latest efforts are part of a major project series launched by the Qatar Red Crescent Societies (QRCS), reducing some of the burden Yemen faces in the fight against the worst humanitarian crisis.

As part of Phase 3, charities have launched 149 new water projects in seven Yemeni provinces, including Taizz, Ad Dali, Lahij, Ibb, Almarwitt, Sa’dah and Reimer. The $ 1,324,970 project is one of the largest water rehabilitation and environmental hygiene projects in the country.

This includes drilling two self-propelled wells in the Tuban area, repairing 103 manual wells, and repairing 46 water projects with solar pumps.

Eng Ahmed Hassan al-Sheraji, Head of QRCS Office in Yemen, said: ..

Thousands of Yemeni people have a hard time finding clean water and most of the time they can’t afford it when it’s available. Therefore, most people are patiently waiting to collect stormwater when available. This puts a heavy burden and challenge on the community, especially during the dry season.

But now, major projects will have free, clean water available all year round to help families, says Archeraj.

“Phase to further support water projects by digging more artesian and manual wells to fill the gap between water and environmental health that people in the target area are suffering from even before Phase 2 is completed. I chose to start 3, “he adds.

Ongoing dispute

Yemen has been hurt in conflict since 2014, when the Houthi rebels overwhelmed all government agencies in Sana’a and gained control of the city. The conflict left 24.1 million people and nearly 80% of Yemen’s population needed humanitarian aid and protection.

With more than 3 million people displaced since 2015, the country is fighting the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis.

Previous work

Qatar has consistently provided Yemen with a variety of humanitarian aid, including food, medicine, water and clothing, to alleviate some of the suffering of its people.

“Thanks to QRCS, the suffering of the people here will hopefully end. Within a few days, clean and accessible water will be available,” said Community Leader of Raymer’s Villadat Taam district. Mahmood Albakir says.

“Children and females are safe from the risk of illness and falling into wells. Sadly, many families have lost their children and females in this way.”

In total, the country has started three phases for the water project, costing a total of $ 2,822,840. The organization has completed Phase 1 of the project and completed 34 manual wells nationwide.

However, Phase 2 is still in progress. It includes 141 water projects aimed at making clean drinking water available to thousands of people in isolated areas.

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