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How to improve customer retention in your cafe?

The number of cafes serving specialty coffee in the United Arab Emirates is growing exponentially and according to the latest data, there are over 360 registered trade licenses for roasting or serving specialty coffee, with no one are fighting for the same pie. Most cafes have beautiful interiors, tattooed baristas, introspective ambiance, and the latest Instagram-enabled equipment to serve both espresso and drip coffee. But what is their expertise and what are the majority of people really looking for and are they prepared to pay for it on a regular basis?

Not a Spanish latte, consider it consistent. Consistency requires green bean quality, roasting profile, espresso equipment, barista skills, water chemistry, dairy or plant-based milk protein content, team-wide coffee knowledge, workflow best practices , the right supply partner, and ahead of the trend.

It’s common for big franchises to at least offer the same thing every time, knowing that they get what they pay for, regardless of who’s in the car, what time of day, or what day. It may be a valid opinion. Commercial cafes have undoubtedly adopted our jargon to try to gain or maintain market share, typically offering only one blend, but standardized SOPs, perhaps automation, You probably have a motivated and unempowered staff, and consumers want that standardization and standardization. It’s not from a specific origin or processing method, and it’s definitely not sour!

In Specialty, customers often demand unique flavor profiles and small variations in grind size or water quality, for example, mean it is impossible to deliver consistency. Efficiency may have to be sacrificed for speed and potentially quality. Consistency becomes even more important here, as consumers expect and are prepared to pay for these nuanced flavors.

Ultimately, many people are interested in this coffee, and most really good coffee is grown in poor third world countries where this export is incredibly important, and many farmers Struggling to maintain a profitable livelihood. Increasing the value of this humble seed we roast and drink and sharing its story has become confusing and trendy but It remains incredibly relevant.

Some patrons want the exact same experience every time, and may order the same blends and origins at the same seat. Others are more experimental, looking for unique flavors and appreciate being guided by confident and knowledgeable staff.

Weighing and weighing shots and calibrating grinders are just some of the more obvious issues when you consider the specialties and everything you have to put in a cup. It can be caused by factors, and with more knowledge it would be a real rabbit hole: brewing ratios, extraction, temperature, timing, dosage, tamping and even distribution – I can tell you that I promise you it will be fun. I don’t mind going down the rabbit hole and accept it as it draws me in, but what I’m trying to explain is that just having the latest equipment and tools doesn’t guarantee consistency, and you can say you’re an expert Thing is that it’s not defined.

Experience, training, best practices and workflows, right equipment, right water, correct cleaning procedures and maintenance, managing peak hours, customers waiting or queuing for takeout, running a cafe, timeless boredom Everything trendy.

Each and every one of these elements must be in perfect harmony to enjoy a cup of coffee and be a great repeat customer. A customer-centric approach is the icing on the cupcake. We care about customer satisfaction, but none of this is possible without first acknowledging the actual “human” that is the interface between all these rabbit holes. Consistency is a tool. Achieving our ultimate goal, customer satisfaction and why you keep coming back.

Kim Thompson is co-owner and managing director of RAW Coffee Company in Dubai.

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