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How to make your essay outstanding

An essay is a short prose story in which the author expresses impressions, thoughts, or reflections. To write a short story correctly, you need to learn about its genre characteristics.

Features of the genre:

  • Free composition, casualness of narration.
  • The topic is one and it is defined concretely, but the problem within it is disclosed in detail.
  • One can feel the author’s position, subjective assessment.
  • Thoughts and feelings come to the fore.
  • The style of the text is conversational. The meaning of terms is not disclosed, there are no long formulations.
  • Relatively small volumes, (there are no certain standards for the number of pages).

Writing an essay is only part of the job, the other important part of the assignment for the author is to write a paper in an interesting and authentic way. Both parts should be accomplished at the same time, but you should start by identifying the style of your future work and its nature. This is not easy, so if you’re not confident you can do it yourself then ask for help at writing service online like writingapaper.net and leave it for the professional writers. Otherwise, you could try it yourself following these tips.

Essay structure, writing style

Despite the fact that it is a free kind of genre, it has several requirements and a certain structure. Writers who know everything about how to write short stories advise to listen to the following theses regardless of the chosen topic.

The form of presentation is a brief thesis statement followed by arguments.

The word “arguments” sounds serious, but it implies the usual elements of a story – examples from life, personal experience, opinions of scientists, historical or scientific facts. The optimal number of such evidences is two. One is not enough to convince, and three may be “overkill.”

The outline of the essay looks as follows

Introductory part

The purpose of the introduction is to give an emotional mood, to involve in the reading, to interest. For this purpose, rhetorical questions, quotations, clear formulation of the topic are used.

The main part


Thesis+arguments, etc.

It is welcomed, if the author touches upon the history of the question, giving different (sometimes opposite) points of view concerning the problem.


In general, this is the conclusion of all of the above. Concluding sentences are valuable because they add integrity to the work. Their function is to encourage the reader to think, to make the work memorable. Sometimes it seems that the closing lines are what made the story worth writing for.

The style of the piece can be emotional, contrasting, or artistic-the author chooses his or her own tone.

How do I choose a topic to write an essay?

When deciding on the topic that is most often offered to choose from, you need to look two steps ahead. Namely, on what skills the text should demonstrate. That is, it is better to take the topic where you can show all your knowledge, strengths, and professional qualities. For example, singers don’t come to the castings of modern music competitions with the songs they like. They learn the ones that will best reveal their vocals, charisma, and theatrical skills. Famous people when preparing speeches also use their strengths to make it more memorable.

How do I start an essay?

You can start an essay by using the technique of free-writing (freewriting). The essence of the method is that a person writes down all the thoughts that come to mind. Without a filter, edits, or revisions. At first, this process may seem like a stream of consciousness. But later, these thoughts can help a lot, for example, to give an answer to the question of what and how to write an essay.

That is, you don’t have to think about what to fix on paper or a text document. You just need to start doing it, and the phrases will come on their own, otherwise you may never make the first step.

It’s a paradox, but the introduction is best written at the end of the work. You always want it to be interesting, so you can get hung up on the first lines. It is better to return to it when the main part is ready. Then it will be clearer what you need to lead readers to.

How to write a story without a hitch? Start the narrative with a question. And all of the following text in the form of an answer.

When the draft is completed

Reread what you’ve written:

  • From a child’s perspective (everything should be understandable even to a toddler);
  • From the peer’s perspective (does the text make you yawn? Rewrite it!);
  • From the teacher’s perspective (whether what you have written corresponds to what the teacher has prepared you for).

Then leave out all three readers and just make it so that you personally like the writing. Would you identify your essay if it wasn’t signed?

Some tips to make your essay stand out even more

  • If necessary, do not be afraid of changing the structure of the essay. The process of writing it is a process of creation, in which there are no strict rules or limits to follow.
  • If the subject of the essay asks for support with facts or data, try to find the relevant material, so that you won’t be unsubstantiated.
  • Express your thoughts with emotion, don’t be afraid of being frank, the work should reflect your personality.
  • Use some literary tools to make your work interesting. These can be in the form of metaphors, associations, analogies, parallels, epithets, allegories, or symbols. Remember that your main aids in writing your paper are aphorisms and imagery. Do not write long sentences, cluttered with punctuation and needless synonyms.
  • Do not ignore the dynamics of the work. Express your thoughts as fully as possible, the essay does not tolerate predictability and flatness. The conclusions drawn at the end should be expected and logical, but only for you.
  • The finished work should always be checked for possible mistakes – express your thoughts correctly.

How to make your work more distinctive?

If your goal is to write an interesting, original and catchy essay, don’t be afraid to add irony or humor (if appropriate) to your serious reflections. Do not forget that your work is a direct reflection of your personal views, so forget about the option of copying someone else’s thoughts. Consider what thoughts you are ready to share with readers, what your work should talk about? A certain amount of originality may contain the title of the essay, if it seems incomplete to you – do not be afraid to change it. If such a work causes you difficulties, take the opportunity to order an essay from professionals of the best assignment writing service and leave it for them.

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