HR project to serve as an inspiration

An HR project that can serve as an inspiration for others.

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An internal staff survey conducted by Henkel Slovensko has repeatedly shown that corporate culture, colleagues, and workplace atmosphere are one of the most positively valued characteristics of an employer’s company.

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Therefore, we have begun to look for ways to use these attributes in external communications and enhance our employer’s brand in a credible way.

Michaela Tomášková, Henkel Slovak Talent Acquisition and HRBP Team Manager, said: “We believe that happy and enthusiastic employees are the company’s best asset.”

The project titled Henkel Social Media Ambassadors was a success. From the HRComm platform, he was also selected as a recipient of the 2021 HR Inspiration Awards for projects with outstanding and innovative solutions.

Three judges, consisting of the CEOs of the selected companies, selected them from a total of 23 initiatives and nominated them as finalists.

Inspiration for other countries

Many of Henkel Slovensko’s employees are active users of social networks and have a significant number of followers, so the company specializes in creating groups of social media ambassadors and using social networks to promote employers. Training, tips and tricks.

They chose 15 ambassadors and then began using the #henkelslovensko hashtag on social media accounts on various occasions. This includes postings related to the company’s culture, brand and products, as well as participation in home offices and various sporting activities and volunteers.

“What we consider to be completely successful is that hashtags are quickly used by employees who don’t belong to the group, and the company is tagged more often,” said Tomášková. I am.

According to Tomášková, the use of the #henkelslovensko hashtag has increased by about 1,000%, and the most popular posts are also shared on the official Global Henkel account.

Meanwhile, the Social Media Ambassador project has caught the attention of other human resources departments in some of the countries in which Henkel operates. She added that the Slovak division is working specifically with the Czech Republic and Hungary and is expected to launch later this year.

Leader training

The second HR Inspiration Award was presented to Semikron for the Leadership Legacy Program – Building Strategic Visions and Leadership Practices, which received the most votes in online voting.

Launched in 2018, this development project builds and strengthens the leadership of potential future leaders at different levels of management who can face new challenges while sharing the same principles, working together and adhering to the same values. That’s what Martina Adamcová explained, Semikron’s HR manager.

“The purpose was to prepare a new generation of leaders for the success of the company’s operations and to strengthen their strategic awareness and decision-making, personal responsibility and positivity,” said Adam Koba.

Thanks to this initiative, the company has clearly set its values ​​and principles and created an environment that supports a new generation of leaders and the courage and motivation to succeed. It also gives participants the opportunity to participate in actual strategic projects.

More specifically, Semikron has implemented eight initiatives, shortening the change approval process by 25 days and raising awareness of the company’s values ​​and principles.

At the same time, departments and different levels of management have become better aware of and cooperate with each other, and many top managers have become mentors, Adamcová said.

“Mid-level and lower management are encouraged to change their approach to new cultural principles and believe in the cooperation of real teams as the basis for sustainable performance,” she added. HR project to serve as an inspiration

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