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Human Rights Association publishes quarterly report on the situation in Kuwait

The Kuwait Human Rights Association issued a quarterly report on the human rights situation in Kuwait, stating that “we observed many positive and negative administrative changes related to Kuwait’s employment files in October, November and December.” I am.

The report, which Arrai obtained a copy of, showed a positive side to the public morality and trafficking struggle sector to receive trafficking complaints, but “for more than 60 years of non-Graduate expatriates. Employment issues are one of the negative cases in this file.

Below is a list of 14 positive reports monitored compared to 4 negatives.

The 14 positive steps are listed as follows:

1 – Trafficking Public Morals and Fighting Department has assigned a hotline for receiving trafficking reports and complaints.

2 – Fatwa and the legislative department have considered the need to revoke the executive decision 520/2020 banning the issuance of work permits to non-graduated foreigners over 60 years.

3 – The Directorate General of Information Systems has added and activated a service to the “Sahel” application. This is to move the temporary residence to the previous article and pay the deportee’s ticket.

4 – Housing investigations seized 20 fake offices to recruit domestic workers and arrested 60 workers who violated the law.

5 – The Residence Investigation Department arrested nine Asians for staying without identification.

6 – The Labor Corporation (PAM) has resumed work on the inspection committee commissioned to organize the labor market and manage marginal workers who violate residence laws.

7 – PAM has issued an Administrative Circular (18/2021) to the sectors and departments involved in reissuing entry visas and issuing work permits and permits, following the usual established procedures.

8 – Consider reviving projects to complete automatic collaboration with labor-exporting countries.

9 – PAM has specified an email to report an increase in the cost of hiring domestic workers.

10 – If a citizen wishes a domestic worker to stay abroad for more than (6 months), the residence permit will not be automatically revoked, provided that the residence permit is applied to before the expiration of the period. I emphasized that. (6 months).

11 – The Ministry of Home Affairs has begun implementing a decision banning delivery bicycles on the highway.

12 – The Housing Survey called for workers not to be accommodated unless they were personally sponsored.

13 – The Kuwaiti and Indian sides have agreed to bring domestic workers from India and set a new age limit for female workers between the ages of 30 and 55.

14th – The Kuwaiti Cabinet Secretariat commissioned PAM to renew the work permit system for migrant workers.

The four negative steps are:

1- PAM has issued Administrative Circular No. 20/2021 to suspend the issuance of work permits for persons entering the country with a commercial entry visa after November 24, 2021.

2 – Until the end of 2021, the status of foreign non-graduate workers over the age of 60 has not been determined.

3 – PAM updated its internal notice issued in 2015, banning annual increases in salaries for private sector workers and limiting it to 50 dinars per year, excluding domestic workers.

4 – Workers whose place of residence has been confiscated abroad, their situation has not been addressed.

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https://www.timeskuwait.com/news/human-rights-society-issues-quarterly-report-on-situation-in-kuwait/ Human Rights Association publishes quarterly report on the situation in Kuwait

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