Human Rights Commission Opposes HSZ

Colombo (No. 1 News) – Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Commission says the idea that high security zones are declared under the Official Secrets Act is unjustified and false.

The Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned about the government’s approach to adopting the Official Secrets Act and making declarations that seriously violate the fundamental rights of people in this country. Also, former Supreme Court Justice Rohini Marasinghe, chairman of the HRCSL, has reiterated that official secrecy laws cannot be adopted to declare high security zones.

The HRCSL further instructed the Government to withdraw its Bulletin No. 2298/53 dated 23 September, ensuring that national laws comply with accepted international and national human rights norms and standards, and Recommend that action be taken to eliminate declarations that violate the Code. and standards.

the latest news Human Rights Commission Opposes HSZ

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