Hundreds of people head to the lesser-known Brdárka in May

9. May 1222, 12:58 Me Premium content

Cherry orchards, rocky hills, and special workshops are among the attractions.

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The village of Brdárka in the Košice region is not well known among the Slovak people. Nevertheless, it will be one of the most visited places in the region in May.

Here, people from different parts of Slovakia are fascinated by the cherry orchards. With about 3,500 trees in bloom, you can uniquely see part of the former center of the Hungarian Empire. The cherries were exported from Burdalka to the English court and were a staple of the cream table in Viennese society.

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During the first few weekends of May, I drove from eastern, central and western Slovakia to Burdalka. People praised the blooming orchards and went hiking through the rocky terrain.

However, Brdárka does provide even more functionality. There are people who tell interesting stories, and thanks to that, the village with about 60 inhabitants is unique.

There are also streams with clear water and workshops where children, especially Romans, work with clay. Some people live in poverty, while others learn for the first time what it feels like to draw with colored pencils in a workshop.

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