“Hundreds of women were molested” at an Alpine regiment rally-English

(ANSA)-Rome, May 10-This year’s rally in Rimini’s Italian crack “Alpini” regiment saw hundreds of young women sexually molested, “I too” in Italy. The group’s non-unadimeno (one less) said Monday.

According to the association, the victims whistled, made obscene suggestions, and in some cases were groped.

Many of the petitioners were baristas and waitresses, Non Una Dimeno said.

At this year’s annual Alpine Regimental Rally, more than 400,000 people rushed to Limini and Romagna Liberia, flooding hotels, bars and restaurants with events and entertainment over a three-day period.

Defense Minister Lorenzo Gerini said Tuesday that if the allegations were proved, it would be “a very serious case that must be punished.” (ANSA).

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