Hungarian Census: Where Did 400,000 Hungarians Go?

Hungary’s latest census had been completed by the deadline with 4.6 million households and 9.2 million people, or 96% of the estimated population, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said on Tuesday.

The questionnaire was completed electronically, either face-to-face or online, between October 1 and 19, and was the last traditional census in Hungary, according to a KSH statement.

Seven million individual surveys were returned from 3.2 million households online in three weeks.

For the first time in Hungary, the census was conducted completely electronically and the missing data was filled in from state databases.

Data for the following census are provided by administrative sources. KSHMore Said.

Preliminary data will be available in Q1 2023, with detailed data available in the fall. While decision makers, researchers and economists use the data, market researchers and statisticians can also access the results to create indicators such as his GDP per capita, income and consumption. .

The results also provide important information about local supply, service and infrastructure needs, as well as help businesses plan their activities with greater confidence.

Where did nearly 400,000 Hungarians mysteriously disappear?

according to NepuzavaKSH could have received data on up to 9.3 million citizens, but with a population of 9.68 million.

Where did almost 400,000 Hungarians mysteriously disappear? , according to sources in the same paper, there may be another reason.

Many people already live abroad and may not have a home in Hungary, so they either were not included in the census in the first place, or received a census invitation even if they had property in Hungary. It was not.

But other oddities were also revealed: some investigators confirmed that parents entered details of children working abroad. That means the actual shortage could be even greater.

As I wrote on Monday, the number of deaths in October exceeded the number of births, details here.

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sauce: MTI, Nepuzava Hungarian Census: Where Did 400,000 Hungarians Go?

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