Hungarian cities to introduce bicycle ambulances

“Bicycle ambulances” will be introduced in several Hungarian cities. The National Ambulance Service hopes to help those in need faster with this new method. However, this idea is not entirely positive. Read our article to find out why paramedics and professionals think the implementation is inefficient.

paramedic on two wheels

Since the beginning of July, station managers within the National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) have been tasked with evaluating paramedics willing to take on additional duties with the new bicycle ambulance unit for an additional fee. Reported by NepuzavaBicycle ambulances are mainly deployed in urban areas, especially in areas with above-average call density, such as the capital and central Hungarian regions.

Ambulances can receive up to 3,000 calls a day nationwide, a third of them from Budapest and the surrounding area. A day he 10-15 ambulances are diverted to the capital from other parts of the country, because the ambulances on duty in this region cannot keep up. Still, the call continues to be jammed, with him taking more than 15 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

Pál Győrfi, communications manager for the National Ambulance Service, confirmed that the program will be piloted next spring. Conditions for bicycle rescue are currently being developed.

not quite a good idea

Ambulances don’t arrive in big cities not because they’re stuck in traffic, but because they lack human resources, health expert Zsombor Kunetz wrote on his Facebook page. Additionally, the Ambulance Workers Association considers the deployment of bicycle units premature and unprofessional.

Knetz emphasized in the post: The reason ambulances don’t arrive in time in big cities is that the number of ambulances is small compared to the number of calls. Selecting paramedics from the existing staff does not solve the problem as they are missing from the ambulance. Either more ambulance crews will be needed, which means extra manpower, or fewer calls OMSZ will have to answer. write

Bicycle rescue has its place, writes the expert. He adds: Even summer parks, major events, and running races cannot replace poor management, lack of organization, and shortcomings in care systems.

Featured image: Illustration, paramedics from the Queensland Ambulance Service Bicycle Response Team, Brisbane, Queensland, 2020

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