Hungarian Consumer Protection begins investigation into Ryanair!

Ryanair has informed passengers that they will each retroactively charge about HUF4000 for the excess profit tax imposed by the Hungarian government. However, the government considers this unacceptable and will begin investigating this issue.

additional fee

according to 444.huOn Thursday, Ryanair passengers who booked tickets from Budapest after July received a letter. This is an additional HUF 3900 (HUF 3900) retroactively added to everyone by the airline10 euros) That’s because the amount of excess profit tax introduced by the government per passenger. For destinations outside Europe, it’s even more, HUF 9750 (25 euros).

If this is not accepted, you must cancel your reservation by June 16th. If you do not cancel, the amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account. After cancellation, the full amount previously paid will be refunded.

Unacceptable pricing practices

On Friday, Economic Development Minister Marlton Nagy said in a statement that the government had determined that Ryanair’s unfair ticketing practices were unacceptable.

“The government has decided to impose an excess profit tax on airlines, among other sectors, to protect Hungarian families. The government will keep an eye on market trends and the excess tax will not be passed on to the public. We have made it clear to all concerned that we will do our best. The government has conducted a thorough investigation of each such case and has indicated in advance that it will take strong action against harmful practices. . “ Quote Written by the Minister.


The government believes that it is unacceptable for Ryanair to pass on the excess profit tax levied on airlines to travelers. They find it particularly unpleasant that Ryanair has already begun this practice for previously sold tickets.

As write inTherefore, Minister of Economic Development Marlton Nagy guarantees that consumer protection authority will be used by the jurisdiction of government agencies to thoroughly investigate and, if possible, prevent unfair practices of airlines. To do so, we asked for a consumer protection survey.

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sauce:, Hungarian Consumer Protection begins investigation into Ryanair!

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