Hungarian CrossFit Athlete Wins Best of Sport Contest

Hungarian CrossFit athlete Laura Horvath won The Rogue Invitational is an invitational competition for the world’s best CrossFit athletes. The 25-year-old has won four of his ten challenges.

20 women participated in the prestigious world competition, Rogue Invitational, Laura Horváth stands out. The total prize pool was her $1,272,000, and participants had to complete her 10 sets of challenges (wod). The women’s and men’s group winners each received $218,868.

This is the biggest win of Holberth’s career to date. She was runner-up at her 2018 and last year’s World Championships, and this year she placed third at the prestigious CrossFit Games.

The Rogue Invitational was won in the men’s field defending World Champion Justin Medeiros.

CrossFit is promoted as both a physical exercise philosophy and a competitive fitness sport. It incorporates elements of high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, calisthenics, kettlebell lifting, calisthenics, strongman and other exercises.

Featured photo via Twitter Hungarian CrossFit Athlete Wins Best of Sport Contest

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