Hungarian Foreign Minister Called His Chinese Correspondent

Foreign Minister Siyarto Peter talked over the phone with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to discuss economic bilateral relations in the current global turmoil.

Szijjarto said on social media on Sunday that Hungarian Chinese corporate investors are happy with their local business and that Hungary is taking action to maintain a competitive investment climate.

He pointed out the impact of the war in Europe and Ukraine in the wider world. This includes a violent inflationary environment, rising energy prices, a food supply crisis and a new wave of immigrants that “threats global stability.”

“I emphasize that Hungary is interested in restoring peace as quickly as possible, given that this is the only solution to the challenges posed by the war we are facing. did.”

The minister wrote.

25 corporate tax rates for Hungarian multinationals?

The opposition LMP has proposed that multinational corporations introduce a 25% corporate tax cap to ensure a fair share of public burden, the party’s parliamentary group leader said Sunday. The government claims that itemized taxes on small businesses (Kata) are a form of legalized tax evasion that must be terminated, Péter Ungár said at a news conference. However, LMP believes that corporate taxes paid by multinational corporations are “actually legalized tax evasion.”

Péter Ungár, Parliamentary Group Leader of LMP, the Hungarian Greens. Photo: FB / ungarpeter

According to Ungar, corporate tax revenue in 2021 was 500 billion forint (€ 1.25 billion), while Hungarian oil and gas companies

MOL generated more than 300 billion forints in the fourth quarter of last year.

— Less than two-thirds of Hungary’s total corporate tax revenue for the year. He added that Audi has repatriated 4 billion forints of national profits over the last decade. Due to the strategic partnership agreement and very low corporate tax rates, large Hungarian companies do not have an impartial share of the public burden, Ungár said.

Ungár said it’s much easier to collect the money needed for a budget in the event of a crisis from such a large company than, for example, a small entrepreneur who is involved in filmmaking and charges the company.

He also said that LMP believes that implementing a building insulation program in an energy crisis is very effective. This will create jobs and stimulate the economy while reducing household energy costs, Hungary’s energy dependence and greenhouse gas emissions, Unger said.

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