Hungarian license plate stolen after fuel price cap limit

At the last point On Friday, only Hungarian license plates or registered vehicles are allowed to fill up at Hungarian gas stations at a maximum price of 480 forint (1.22 euros) per liter. As a result, license plate theft seems to be a problem.Recent MOL Group Leader report Recently, about 30 plates were stolen in and around Mosonmagyaróvár.

Gasoline tourism has been booming in Hungary for the past few months due to caps on gasoline prices.Government last thursday publication To end this by allowing only cars with a Hungarian license plate or Hungarian registration permit to fill with a discounted price.


In fact, government legislation includes the exception of foreign drivers based on reciprocity. This allows Hungarian drivers to take advantage of discounted prices, while foreign license plates are available to fill vehicles registered in countries where fuel is similarly restricted.

In the latest news, MOL Chief Operating Officer has already stolen about 30 Hungarian license plates in and around Mosonmagyaróvár (near the Austrian-Slovak border) and is now available for purchase on the Slovak site. It was revealed that it was. Péter Ratatics also revealed that he had already encountered a fake license plate at a gas station.

In connection with the report RTL Híradó I contacted the police but haven’t received a reply yet.

Featured image illustration by Péter Komka / MTI

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