Hungarian mathematician wins award for video from Ukrainian front

Viktor Traski, a Hungarian mathematician at Transcarpathia, thanked the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) János Arany Young Researcher Award for a video sent from the front of eastern Ukraine.

According to a statement from the MTA, researchers and lecturers at the National University of Uzihorodo (Ungvári NemzetiEgyetem) teach real and complex functional theory, functional analysis, and probability, among Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Yes, I couldn’t attend the ceremony on Tuesday.

I am convinced that a better, brighter era will come after these bad times of coronavirus and war, and then I personally thank you, provide you a live presentation, and new. You can toast the results. Best wishes and respect from Victor, eastern Ukraine. “

Mathematician Said.. A distant explosion could also be heard in the video when the mathematician explained his research topic.

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Missile strike hits transcarpathia

Missile strike hits transcarpathia

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Ukraine Hungarian Democratic Alliance I have written About Trusky: “He had never been in the army or trained in the military department of the university, so he had no military experience, let alone combat. As a result, he was also a reserve. Being not an army, he was not exposed to the current wave of mobilization, which meant he was able to continue teaching students and engage in proper academic work … but of the Russian army. On the first day of the invasion, a university professor volunteered at the military’s supplementary headquarters and became a soldier of the 128th Mountain Brigade. “

“Secondary φ-Inferior Gaussian Probability Values ​​and Processes” was the topic of an award-winning lecture by Traski at the External Member Forum at the 195th General Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Featured image: Award-winning mathematician Viktor Traski checks in from Ukraine. Screen capture from youtube video On the MTA1825 channel. Hungarian mathematician wins award for video from Ukrainian front

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