Hungarian military contingent to Iraq

A Hungarian military detachment, made up partially of reservists, begins a six-month mission in Iraq. The 139 soldiers were said goodbye before relatives and military leaders on Wednesday in the main square of the eastern Hungarian town of Nyiregyhaza.

Gabor Guion, Secretary of State for Strategic Analysis and Human Resources Policy at the Ministry of Defense, at the 15th discharge ceremony of the Hungarian Defense Forces Iraq Training and Guarantee Mission, the first in the history of the Hungarian Defense Forces. said there is. Forty-one reservists participate in US-led coalition missions in addition to active duty soldiers.

Involvement in international operations is an important part of Hungary’s diplomatic, security, and defense policy toolbox, with the Hungarian Defense Force participating in numerous NATO, EU, and UN combined operations, and as a coalition partner. That’s why considers us a trusted ally. ”

said the Secretary of State.

He said that mass illegal immigration has been one of the biggest challenges for Hungary and Europe since 2015, and he has contributed to eliminating the root cause of illegal immigration from the Middle East by participating in the joint operation in Iraq. emphasized that there are He recalled that the Armed Forces participated in a global coalition operation against the Islamic State in 2015 because it is in Hungary’s interest to stop the spread of terrorism.

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The Secretary of State confirmed that as part of the military’s development, the country needs both professional and reserve soldiers, and that number has recently increased to 11,000.

Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Jolt Chandor, said:

Iraq may seem far away, but the contingent’s presence contributes directly to the security of the country and of the Hungarian people, and their conscientious service is a testament to the consequences of far-flung crises and conflicts. We guarantee that it will not reach the Hungarian border.

This battlefield is unlike any other, requiring constant adaptation to extreme weather conditions and an ever-changing security environment. warned the soldiers.

Featured photo: MTI/Balázs Attila Hungarian military contingent to Iraq

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