Hungarian military diplomacy is “our national treasure”

Hungary’s military diplomatic network is “our national treasure” and defense minister. Said At the Attaché Annual Meeting of the Defense, Army and Air Force in Budapest on Tuesday.

At an event held at the National Security Agency (KNBSZ), Christoph Saray Bobrovnitsky said that the world has not become a safer place and that military diplomacy is even more important in this changing world. I emphasized.

The minister said that as a result of the war in neighboring Ukraine, not only the military but also economic, cultural and diplomatic relations have changed significantly. He reiterated that Hungary is “on the side of peace,” like NATO, its largest defense alliance.

The government is making every effort to prevent Hungary from being involved in this war, allowing it to deal with the indirect consequences of the war, such as the energy crisis and inflation of the war. This is why the government has decided to introduce an additional profit tax, from which the National Defense Fund will also receive shares.

The minister said the war situation in Ukraine is likely to continue in the long run, but other challenges such as illegal immigration and terrorism also needed to be addressed.

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Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky stated that it is important that Hungary is a devoted and recognized member of NATO. He then quoted some of Hungary’s important contributions to the alliance, including the Hungarian battlegroups deployed in the country after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

He said the US military was already stationed in Hungary, and Italy, Turkey and Montenegro also provided troops to Hungary. He also took command of the multinational division of Székesfehervar. And from August, the Hungarian Air Force will protect the Baltic airspace for the third time.

He also emphasized that Hungary has promised a defense budget of 2 percent of GDP. Bobrovniczky said this would be achieved as early as 2023.

Defense Minister emphasized that one of the most important safeguards of Hungary’s sovereignty is a well-equipped, well-trained, organized, volunteer-based, large-scale and effective army. For this purpose, and continuing the strategic procurement program launched a few years ago, old Soviet military equipment has been replaced by advanced NATO compatible equipment. At the same time, he added, the development of the defense industry is strategically important.

Military equipment is operated by Hungarian soldiers who chose to protect their hometown as their vocation.

Finally, the Defense Minister thanked Attaché for doing their job on behalf of the government.


Featured Photographs by Zoltán Máthé / MTI Hungarian military diplomacy is “our national treasure”

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