Hungarian mother of four children kidnapped by Albanian mafia in Milan!

A Hungarian mother of four was kidnapped, drugged, abused and robbed in Milan by Albanian drug dealers. The perpetrator wanted to force the young woman into prostitution.

A thriller-like incident happened in Milan with a Hungarian mother of four. A desperate woman asked for help in a social media group for Hungarians in Milan. A woman who was scared to death was held captive, drugged and raped, she wrote in the post. Although many did not believe her, the Hungarian woman, also living in Milan, took action to free her compatriots.

After rescuing the woman, a brave helper reveals that the victim was kidnapped and abused by members of a Balkan crime syndicate in Milan.As a Hungarian news portal bolson line The mother of the four children was reportedly drugged, abused, deprived of money and forced into prostitution by Albanian drug dealers. The victim was in danger and she was repeatedly threatened with being shot. “If I hadn’t believed everything and responded quickly, she wouldn’t have had a chance to go home to her,” – writes the woman who saved the life of a Hungarian mother.

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A Hungarian victim is not the first to be kidnapped in Milan. In 2017, a British model was also kidnapped and tried to force her into prostitution in an Italian city. According to news reports at the time, the 20-year-old British model had been sent by her agent to Milan for a photo shoot, but when she arrived she was greeted by traffickers rather than photographers. I was drugged, plastered over my mouth, locked in a large bag, and thrown in the trunk of my car. She was taken to her home 120 kilometers away, where she was held for six days. There was no sexual violence, but the frightened women were brutalized by the kidnappers. An investigation resulted in the arrest of a Polish man living in England. He even forged his passport, even though he had been preparing for the surgery for months. He blackmailed the model’s agent into paying her US$300,000.

Additionally, a similar case was reported in 2010 when another Hungarian girl was the victim of Albanian criminals. index, The 23-year-old perpetrator met a 20-year-old Hungarian girl on Italy’s Adriatic coast and promised her a job. He lured her victim to Perugia, where he locked her in an apartment and attempted to force her into prostitution. He hit her with a leash and even tried to throw her out the window. In the end, the girl who had been enslaved escaped and called the police. Local police arrested and imprisoned the Albanian perpetrators.

The Hungarian mother of four was very lucky to have her brave compatriots immediately come to her aid. So far, no Milanese news portal has reported a kidnapping like Thriller, so the brutal case seems to have escaped the attention of local authorities.

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