Hungarian president lights first candle of Advent in Ukraine

President Katalin Novak attended the Advent Mass at the Beregszász Reformed Church in western Ukraine on Sunday and said it was an honor to light the first candle of Advent with Hungarians from Transcarpathia. .

She prayed with members of the community at Mass conducted by Fabian Sandor Zang, bishop of the Transcarpathian Reformed Church.

Novak said he was praying for peace with 70 reformed pastors at the same church in March, early in the war. “Now here are her 15 million Hungarians from Hungary, all regions of the Carpathian Basin and the Diaspora,” she added.

The president promised the Hungarians that “no matter how difficult life in Transcarpathia is, no matter how difficult and challenging it is to be Hungarian, we will remain united and united”. .

Novak said war could destroy homes, roads and lives over the past nine months, but “war cannot destroy love.” “Hungary will provide all refugees with shelter so they can stay as long as they need,” she added. During her visit to Berejove, she laid a wreath at the monument of Ferenc Her Rakoczi Her II former President Ferenc Her Madr. Transcarpathian Hungarian Higher Education University.

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sauce: MTI Hungarian president lights first candle of Advent in Ukraine

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