Hungarian skating champions begin country change

The Hungarian public was shocked when the Hungarian National Skating Federation announced on Tuesday that Olympic champion Liu brothers Xiaoling Sandor and Xiaoan have begun the process of transforming the country.

According to the federation, the two short track skaters did not specify in which country they would like to continue competing. There are no federations. m4sport.hua Hungarian sports website.

The Hungarian Federation states that, in accordance with International Sport Union (ISU) regulations, if an athlete has previously competed in another country, 12 months must have elapsed since the last ISU competition in which he or she competed in that country. I pointed out that there is. Furthermore, the federation of the country of origin must decide on the release of the athlete subject to the settlement of any contractual dispute between the federation and the athlete. will decide how to resolve its contractual relationship.

later beijing winter olympicsthe famous Liu brothers affirmed that they would like to continue training under the guidance of the head coach Zhang Jing (also known as Lina Zhang), who is also the head coach of the national team.

However, the coach received an offer from the Chinese federation to become the head coach of the speed skating team and was unable to refuse, so the skating federation terminated Zhang Jin’s indefinite contract at her request.

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The two brothers had already announced in August that they would be preparing for the season in China where they will follow their coach. As a result, they will likely be competing for China in the future. This can be understood from the fact that their father is Chinese.

about it Prize money, the gold medal is worth about $156,000 in Hungary, the silver about $111,000 and the bronze about $89,000. China has also paid medalists, but has not responded to requests for exact amounts, according to Forbes.

in the meantime, China is betting on a new strategy at the Winter Olympics. China is already scouting domestic and foreign athletes to form its winter team at the Beijing Winter Olympics, with several foreign-born athletes on its national team. This strategy ended up winning nine gold medals for him in Beijing, while China placed him third on the medal table. The Liu brothers’ appeal could be China’s next move to clinch a winner’s national team.

President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee Zsolt Julai said:

Brother Liu’s request was not unexpected. Because he spoke with the boys last week and knew that Lina Zhang had left Hungary and they wanted them to follow their coach.

“I tried to talk to them to see what the Hungarian Olympic Committee could do to help or mediate. It would probably be very difficult to compete with them and they were very fixated on the coach they had signed in China. has a lot of potential and can be measured in medals,” he added.

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26-year-old Shaolin Sándor Liu is a five-time Olympic gold and bronze medal winner, two-time world champion, and six-time European champion. His younger brother Xiaoan Liu, also born in Budapest, is a six-time world champion and he is a four-time European champion, having won two gold medals and two bronze medals at the Olympics.

Featured photo via Instagram Hungarian skating champions begin country change

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