Hungarian used in English

It’s hard to imagine that a small language like Hungarian would have an impact on English, but it could be the case. Check out this list of Hungarian words that are also used in English!

Hungarian food

Perhaps the most common Hungarian word in English is goulash. It is a popular dish loved not only by Hungarians but also by foreigners. Goulash (Hungarian: gulyás) is a soup or stew of meat, noodles and vegetables (especially potatoes) flavored with paprika and other spices. The name comes from the Hungarian word “gulyás”. [ˈɡujaːʃ]The word “gulya” means “herd of cattle” and “gulyás” means “herdsman”.

according to, halászlé (fisherman’s soup) is another Hungarian word that is also used in English. Fisherman’s soup recipes can vary. In the Tisza, the fish is not sieved, but simply simmered with onions, and the soup is made from carp alone, whereas in Baja, the soup is first made from onions, paprika and fish guts, and then sifted. , cut fish steak. previously prepared in it.

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Hungarian folk dance Cardas

Czardas (or csárdás) are traditional Hungarian folk dances. In this type of dance the dancers begin slowly and end with a rapid rotation.The name comes from csárda which means pub. Originating in Hungary, it became popular with gypsy his musicians in the surrounding regions of Vojvodina, Slovenia, Croatia and Transcarpathia.

folk dance hungary

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hussar and coach

The word coach sounds very similar to English, but it comes from Hungary. Kocsi means carriage and is very similar to its English equivalent.

Hussars, on the other hand, are not found in England. These typical Hungarian light cavalry are known for their colorful and decorated uniforms. Click here for more information about Hussar!

Hassas Hungary

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Tokaj, famous Hungarian wine

Wine lovers are probably familiar with this Hungarian expression. The famous Torquay white wine is consumed all over the world and is pronounced “Torquay”.according to winefolly.comTokay wine was coveted by royal clients, including nobles Ferenc Rakoczy II, Peter the Great, Louis XIV, Catherine II, and even the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn.

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