Hungarians build links between East and West

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Laszlo Queber, drew attention to the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the war of cancel culture in the West.

Kurultaj is a message and example for all peoples in the West and the East.Hungarian parliamentary speaker László Keber Said At the semi-annual tribal meeting of the Hun Turk people in Bugak (south-central Hungary) on Saturday.

“It has been the East, and the West, that has afflicted us in the last thousand years. According to Kövér, the East has tried to force Hungarians to reject Western culture, while the West has tried to force Hungarians to deny their Eastern roots. I also wished for it.

“We Hungarians do not deny East and West, we strive to build connections between them.”

he added.

The Speaker of the House warned that a war in Ukraine could have serious repercussions.If Western and Eastern powers are unable to reach new compromises and ensure stability, the regional conflict will become all-out. He explained that it would escalate into a world war, adding that in this case there would be no winners… neither in the East nor in the West.

According to Kövér, Europe is definitely one of the losers economically, politically and even morally. He said the sanctions policy was destroying Europe’s economy.

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László Kövér believes that another yet bloodless war is underway aimed at erasing the memory of the West. “The representatives of cancel culture, transhumanists, are attacking the memories of Western peoples. Their job is to pit all human differences in existence against each other. Whites to blacks, Westerns to the East.” Men oppose women, young people oppose old people, and Christians oppose Muslims.

According to Kövér, the “intelligent assassins” of the Western world are operated, protected and funded by globally organized private financial interest groups.

Kurtaji’s spectacular event featured the world’s finest horsemanship, nomadic and spear fighting, jousting, and an ancient test of strength. In addition to the Hungarian organization in the Carpathian Basin, 27 countries were represented at ministerial level.

Featured photo by MTI/Ujvári Sándor Hungarians build links between East and West

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