Hungary and Poland Oppose EU Plans to Cut Gas Consumption –

Hungary When Poland voted against EUvoluntary reduction plan gas 15% reduction in consumption compared to the five-year average from 1 August 2022 to 31 March 2023.

according to EU According to information, the countries mentioned are the only ones opposing the initiative.

Budapest has challenged the legitimacy of the European Union plan, claiming it affects the country’s energy security, reports Reuters. And Warsaw defines the treaty’s legal basis as “flawed” And the decisions that affect the energy balance are EU Countries must adopt it with the unanimous approval of all member states.

Nevertheless, the plan won a limited majority and was approved.

according to EU Council decision, countries must voluntarily cut gas 15% consumption within 8 months. In the event of a significant reduction in supply during this period, the Commission, in agreement with the members of the Community, willUnion-wide alertsi.e. all EU Countries without the right to exception already have to cut their consumption by 15%, saving everything gas We need to export quantities to the European market.

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