Hungary cannot support the latest EC sanctions against Russia in its current form

Hungary cannot responsibly support Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, the Commission’s latest sanctions package against Russia in its current form. Said On Wednesday, sanctions claimed to destroy Hungary’s energy security.

The latest sanctions proposed by the Commission include a series of new restrictions on Russian and Belarusian organizations and individuals, a ban on the import and export of various products, and restrictions on certain economic activities, Szijjártó. Is the airport mentioned in a video message from Tashikent.

“We can live with these measures, we can discuss their effectiveness, but now it’s time to talk wisely, given that there is a war in our neighborhood. Not, “said Szijjártó. “At the same time, the sanctions include a ban on the transportation of crude oil from Russia to Europe, with a fairly short notice that it will apply in the case of Hungary from the end of next year.”

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Although Hungary’s energy supply is currently on a safe and stable foundation, this sanctions package “destroys it completely” makes it impossible for Hungary to procure the amount of oil it needs to sustain its economy. Yes, the minister said.

“This is a lack of political will, not a matter of intention, not a matter of time, but simply a matter of physical, geographical, and infrastructure reality,” Szijjártó said.

He said that Hungary can buy the required amount of oil through existing pipelines from Russia, and even from a technical point of view, only Russian oil can be refined domestically.

The Hungarian government cannot responsibly vote for the latest sanctions package in its current form, Szijjártó said. He added that in order for Hungary to support this measure, oil transport over the pipeline would have to be exempt from the embargo.

Featured photos from Péter Szijjártó’s Facebook page Hungary cannot support the latest EC sanctions against Russia in its current form

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