Hungary continues to help Ukrainians to Hungarians

The Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office is continuing a program to provide financial assistance to various groups within the Hungarian minority in the province of Transcarpathia, Ukraine, Secretary of State Alpad Janos Potapi told MTI Wednesday. ..

The program provides annual salary subsidies to Hungarian teachers, medical staff, social workers, journalists, actors and other groups.

With a total budget of 2.4 billion forint for this year’s program, Potapi said it will also help fund poor children’s meals.

He said grant applications could be submitted at from June 15, adding that the application was simplified for the war in Ukraine.

Last year, more than 15,000 applicants “working in areas important to policy for Hungarians abroad” received grants under the program, Potapi said.

The plan will help Hungarian minorities maintain their national identity and help Hungarian experts stay home and “work for the benefit of the community,” Potapi added.

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sauce: MTI Hungary continues to help Ukrainians to Hungarians

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