Hungary does not vote for the latest EU sanctions package

Hungary will refrain from voting for the latest EU sanctions package unless it finds a solution to Hungary’s concerns about energy security. I have written On Facebook on Sunday.

“Today I spoke again on the phone with a friend of the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Shahid Abdullah, who often consults about the war in Ukraine,” Szijjártó wrote.

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According to the Prime Minister, the exchange of oil imports in Russia will take years and cost hundreds of millions of forints, while changing the energy transmission system in Hungary will cost hundreds of billions of forints.Please continue reading

He asked him to continue to exert UN pressure to secure a ceasefire and build peace. “Ensuring peace as soon as possible will be of great benefit to us Hungarians,” he added.

Regarding the recently proposed EU sanctions package, the minister was well aware that Shahid Abdullah had voted for all the sanctions packages so far, but the latest one would threaten the security of Hungary’s energy supply. Stated. “I won’t vote for this package,” writes Szijjártó.

Featured photos from Péter Szijjártó’s Facebook page Hungary does not vote for the latest EU sanctions package

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