Hungary Election 2022-95% of votes counted and a majority of two-thirds did not re-election the Orban government

Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz-KDNP Alliance Re-election After the 2022 Hungarian parliamentary elections, a fifth government was established. Below are the results after 95% of the votes have been counted. With 53.19% of the votes cast, Fidesz-KDNP won 135 seats in parliament, maintaining a majority of two-thirds. The Hungarian Confederation of Marquis Zai has formed an opposition with 34.91% of the votes cast and 56 seats in parliament.Our hometown on the far right (“Mi Hazánk”) The movement was also able to secure at least 5%, as represented by the Diet, and won 7 seats with 6.24% of the votes cast.

On the national list, including Hungarians living abroad, 2,603,775 Hungarians voted for Fidesz-KDNP (47 seats), 1,711,139 voted for the Hungarian Alliance (38 seats), and 305,186 voted for our hometown. Did. (“Mi Hazánk”) Movement (7 seats).

In the Hungarian constituency, voting is restricted to those with national residences, Fidesz-KDNP secured 88 seats, and the Union for the Hungarian Alliance secured 18 seats.

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Orban: “We have won as big as we can see from the moon, but certainly from Brussels.”


“We are sending the message to Europe that this is the future, not the past,” Orban said in his victory speech.Please continue reading

A relatively small number of Hungarians also voted for the satirical moroo dog party.Newly formed solution (“Me goldás”) Movement; And it’s not enough for the Covid skeptical party in normal life to secure at least 5 percent of any of them on the list of countries that would have accepted a representative in Congress.

In this year’s election, 5,156,584 Hungarians, who make up 69.51% of the electorate, voted. This is about the same as the 2018 elections, but well below the 73.51% record set in the 2002 elections. This was a big victory for Fides, equivalent to the 2010 landslide victory that the party won with more than 2.7 million votes. 2,262,360 eligible adults, or 30.49 percent of voters, did not run for this election.

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Marqui Zai recognizes the victory of Orban and Fides

Marqui Zai recognizes the victory of Orban and Fides

However, Péter Márki-Zay said the elections were not fair or equal, and Fides won propaganda and “brainwashing.”Please continue reading

Fides retains the power to change the Constitution and adopt it as needed by re-securing a two-thirds majority in Parliament. The composition of the parliament is similar for members of the Fidesz-Hungarian Citizens’ Alliance, which is currently opposed by the United States for our movement as the Hungarian Alliance and the Third Opposition. Questions have been raised about the future of the Marquis Zai coalition, which will be revealed in the coming days.

The featured photo shows the newly elected Prime Minister Viktor Orban during a speech at the Fidesz-Hungarian Citizens’ Alliance results event. Zoltán Fischer / Prime Minister’s Press Conference / Featured Photos by MTI Hungary Election 2022-95% of votes counted and a majority of two-thirds did not re-election the Orban government

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