Hungary sends € 570,000 worth of medical assistance to Ukraine

The government is sending 210 million forint (€ 570,000) worth of medical assistance to Transcarpathian (Carpathian) under the Hungarian Assistance Humanitarian Program, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Personnel said Tuesday. ..

Bence Rétvári is the National Hospital Administration’s warehouse in Pilisvorosvar near Budapest, and ambulances departing for Ukraine on Wednesday morning include 30 pallets of medicines, medical equipment, infusion pumps, first aid kits and bandages. Said.

During the war, hospitals found it difficult to obtain new supplies, which made Hungarian aid particularly important, he said.

Secretary of State Tristan Azbezi, who is responsible for supporting persecuted Christians and implementing the Hungarian support scheme, said that in addition to the 2 billion forint (€ 5.25 million) that Hungary has provided so far, it is worth 500 million forint. He said support would be provided. Sent to Transcarpathia and Ukraine. He added that the medical aid sent on Wednesday represents part of this and the rest will be paid in the form of support for the Transcarpathian and Ukrainian charitable programs.

As we wrote today, Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary-General of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, said Hungary knew about preparing for an attack on Ukraine and wanted to join the territory, Click here for details..

Source: MTI Hungary sends € 570,000 worth of medical assistance to Ukraine

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