Hungary’s first pizza vending machine installed in Győr

In Jerre, the University of Sechenistvan offers new services. Hungary’s first pizza vending machine was installed.

University pizza vending machine

In February 2022, the Bridge Student and Teacher Club at the University of Secheniist Van in Jerre was launched and refurbished with EU funding. Located on the banks of Mosoni Danube near the Ger campus, the building quickly became popular. Concerts, programs and summer bridge gardens attract many visitors. Several famous Hungarian artists perform in the club.This is one of the reasons

The first pizza machine in Hungary was installed there.

Since then, another vending machine has been handed over to an external university of the university in Jerre. “The machine runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means that anyone who is hungry at a party, for example, can buy a hot meal right away at night,” said an expert.

Vending machines made in France are easy to operate. Customers select what they need on the touch screen. The vending machine then removes the appropriate cooked pizza from the refrigerated section and transfers it to the oven section. When the pizza is taken out of the box, the vending machine will bake the pizza.

At 250 degrees, the pizza is ready in 3 minutes.

The machine then returns the pizza to the box and distributes it to the customer.

4 types of pizza

The vending machine has 4 types of pizza, report..

You can buy Margherita, prosciutto, Diablo and Hungarian pizzas.

Margherita costs 1990 HUF (5 euros), while other Margheritas can be purchased for 2190 HUF (5,5 euros). You can only pay by credit card. Write

“Széchenyi István University is doing a lot to provide students with a variety of European quality services. Installing a pizza machine is another example of this, visiting the university as well as the citizens of the university. It’s also beneficial for people and guests, “said President of University Student Autonomy, Merton Matsuko.

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sauce:, Hungary’s first pizza vending machine installed in Győr

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