Hungary’s new school year starts with unexpected difficulties

On Thursday, September 1st, the school year began across Hungary. While many hoped for a peaceful year as the coronavirus pandemic subsided, the school year began with many challenges for students, parents and teachers. The energy crisis and teachers’ strike have already made school life difficult, but there is more.

School starts, problems come

The 2022-2023 school year will not be smooth sailing. People have to deal with rising energy prices, teacher shortages, strikes and even the sixth wave of coronavirus. reports.

A decree published in the Hungarian Gazette at the end of July made it possible to order digital education at any time. “If the operation of a school is not possible due to compelling reasons beyond the control of the school, the minister in charge of public education may order a time-limited digital extra-curricular activity schedule based on a report from the head of the school. time at school, work, grade or class,” states the decree.

The most threatening problem of this grade is rising energy prices. The Department of the Interior has asked school districts to assess whether it is possible to switch from gas heating to wood-burning fireplaces.

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Online education in winter?

The government is warning citizens to save money.Deputy Education Secretary Laszlo Kisfaldi said there would be no need for heating above 20 degrees Celsius.

However, Győrszentiván’s St Benedict’s Primary School has chosen a different approach. The school has scheduled classes on his seven Saturdays, and the practice extends the winter break, during which the school building does not need to be heated.

Public schools also have the option to impose six days of school a week, according to the Home Office. reports.

Strikes and lack of teachers

The Teachers’ Union and the Teachers’ Democratic Union are in ongoing negotiations with the Hungarian government. The teacher’s aim is to get higher wages, which will lift the weight off his shoulders. There is a fundamental teacher shortage, currently exacerbated by school staff strikes and protracted negotiations.

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