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Hyderabad police chase drug addicts

Hyderabad: After arresting several drug traders during a special drive in the past few weeks, Hyderabad police are now considering actions against the drugs they consume.

Recognizing that cutting the supply chain is not enough, police are planning to crack down on consumption.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand said on Thursday that they have a list of their consumable drugs.

“We will discuss how to proceed with psychiatrists and sociologists and make policy decisions in the next few days,” he told reporters, arresting six drug dealers in three gangs and cocaine. Announced the seizure of drugs containing MDMA. ..

The police secretary has hinted that they may be arrested under Article 27 of the Narcotics and Psychotropics Act.

“So far, we’ve been generous about the people who use it so that their careers aren’t compromised. We talked to their parents and counseled them, but they’re changing. If it doesn’t decrease, supply will not decrease. Therefore, it is time for strict measures to reduce demand. “

He said the addicts are mainly young people between the ages of 18 and 30 and come from all sectors and classes. “They include consumers of all medicines, from readily available cannabis to premium cocaine. No one has been released from it,” he said.

However, the police chief refused to answer questions about the 2017 drug case allegedly involving some Tollywood stars. Anand said he did not want to comment on the cases already investigated.

The incident shook the Telugu film industry after drug merchants claimed he was supplying drugs to some film personalities.

In this case, about 12 people associated with Triwood were questioned by ban and excise tax officials. Recently, the executive office also asked them, but found no evidence of them.

According to Anand, the Task Force team arrested three gangsters of drug merchants based on specific information obtained while closely monitoring the suspect on the eve of the New Year.

In the first case, Mumbai residents Imran Babu Sheikh and Noor Mohammed Khan were arrested by the North Zone Task Force Team. Police arrested them from the OYO Hotel in Punjagutta, Hyderabad, when they began selling 100 grams of cocaine.

Anand said he is working to arrest Tony, a Nigerian gang leader who works in the Vasabila region of Mumbai and supplies drugs to agents in various states.

He also said they would approach the Nigerian embassy and seek help from the Mumbai police to pursue him. “Our team stayed in Mumbai for 10 days but couldn’t arrest him,” he said.

Tony is said to be using a mobile phone with a Nigerian SIM and runs a racket in chat. He doesn’t even meet the agents appointed by him for his network.

In another case, the West Zone Task Force team arrested Sayed Kaiser Hussein, also known as Faisal, a resident of the Chaderghat area of ​​Hyderabad, who had brought drugs from Mumbai. Syed Rasheed Khan alias Baba from Gujarat and Najamul Hussain Sheikh from Mumbai were also arrested. Police confiscated 15 grams of cocaine and 45 grams of MDMA from possession.

In the third case, the West Zone Task Force team arrested Hyderabad residents Aniluda Alias ​​Sonu and Aniluda, who brought ecstasy pills and LSD blots from Gore for sale in Hyderabad.

Based on certain information, police arrested the duo and seized 28 tablets of ecstasy and 17 stains.

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