I am a gardening expert. These are the serious mistakes you are making in your hanging basket.

Are you a green finger?

Well, if you like to go out into your garden and make it look good, you’ve come to the right place.


If you’re a fan of hanging baskets, you’ll find that there are some common mistakes that many of us are making.Credit: Getty

But if the hanging basket is yours, listen. It turns out that we are making a serious mistake in the basket.

And these errors can have a big impact on your flowers.

Gardening experts set a straight record for hanging baskets. If you want the flowers to bloom, you’re getting some errors and you need to stop right now.

Jonathan Earrings, Gardener Pens Soap Nature ParkNature Reserves and Gardens in Fakenham, Norfolk, And we revealed the mistakes that many of us make in hanging baskets.

I'm a gardening expert-this is an easy task you have to do every week for great grass
I'm an expert-this is a dangerous garden job you have to leave to an expert

Therefore, if you are hanging next to the front door, you need to read what you need to stop to prevent the flowers from being “overwhelmed”.

First, the next time you put the plants in the hanging basket, it’s important not to pinch them tightly, so make sure you have enough space between them.

Jonathan explains:

“Make sure they grow and have room for their roots to spread, but also avoid being overwhelmed by soil and water.”

According to experts from Thompson Morgan: “A common rule of thumb when planting a hanging basket is to use one plant per inch of basket diameter, that is, use 12 plants per 30 cm (12”) hanging basket. “

Similarly, the frequency with which you fertilize flowers is another area where some gardeners tend to slip.

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Jonathan emphasized the importance of fertilizing hanging baskets once a week.

He continued: “I recommend using sustained release fertilizers or liquid feeds to aid growth.”

Gardening tips and hacks

With such fertilizers, the feed is distributed slowly and the flowers bloom without being overwhelmed.

In addition to this, it is important to pay close attention to the type of compost used when planting the hanging basket.

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Jonathan recommended the use of “peat-free compost” and explained that it was “environmentally friendly and useful for plant growth.”

This type of compost contains a variety of organic and sustainable ingredients that grow and bloom in time for the summer.

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