I found my wife having sex with a neighbor-she was fooled by nine guys

Dear Daddle: When I got home early one day, I was scared to find my wife having sex with a neighbor.

She was giving him verbally to insult the injury, and she hasn’t done it for me for 10 years since we got married — she hates that idea I told me I thought.


I found my wife having an affair with another man

It turns out that he is just one of her many lovers. I don’t think we received the note that it is open marriage.

I am 40 years old and she is 38 years old. I have been loyal to her since the day she met.

Maybe I’m naive, but I never thought she was fooling me. I thought she didn’t like sex very much. She always wanted to turn off her lights and do it, and she never tried new things. She loved her so much that she put up with it.

Now I know she didn’t like having sex with me. She only knew about her infidelity because I had her migraine at her work last week.

I felt so sick that I had to leave the office early to get home and rest. Her wife wasn’t working that day, so I was hoping for tea and a sympathy.

Instead, I found her head buried in the man’s bare knees while he was lying on my couch. For a moment I thought I was about to vomit. Then I shouted at him to leave and threw his pants at him, and he ran out of my house.

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My wife said I’m sorry to see it, but it didn’t make sense and I was overreacting. When I put pressure on her, she admitted that we had at least nine lovers since we got married.

I don’t know who she is anymore. She has never felt so much pain in her. She thinks I should forgive and forget, but I haven’t seen a way to move on to my marriage.

DEIDRE’s comment: You were terribly shocked. Not only did you see your wife having sex with another man, but you also learned that she was fooled through your marriage.

Now, as you can fully understand, you want to get away from your marriage.

But until this incident, you generally seemed happy with your wife.

When the shock goes away, you may want to put it back and start over.

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Cheating on my support pack, can you get over it? Then it may be useful. If you have a future, your wife needs to be honest about your sex life. That way, you can understand what went wrong and reach the root cause of her multiple contacts.

Relationship counseling can help you manage your feelings alone and / or together.You can find support at (020 7380 1960). I found my wife having sex with a neighbor-she was fooled by nine guys

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