‘I hope the next budget will be good’ – Grech talks about government money spent on ‘propaganda’

I think the next budget will be a good budget. Bernard Greck, PN Reader, on Sunday

In an interview with the party media, he said he would convince many that this would be a great budget out of all the money used to campaign “propaganda”.

Greck said he hoped the budget would include a way outlining how the government would stop wasting money and instead invest in the education and security sectors.

He said the problem must be tackled “with deeds, not just words”.

Gretsch also said the government should outline

Opposition leaders said the economic plan used over the past nine years was “wrong” and the government needed a better economic plan.

Referring to the mental health department, he said the government has been promising a new hospital for mental health patients for years, but no site has yet been allocated to build it.

He added that new economic plans should seek to reduce the gap between the rich and those on the brink of poverty.

In some cases, Gretsch said many people would have nothing to eat without places like Victory Kitchen to feed those in need.

PN Pre-Budget Statement

Grech said the party had held extensive consultations for the PN’s pre-budget document to be drafted.

“Consultation is in the party’s DNA,” he said.

In total, he added, there are 340 proposals covering different issues in different areas.

Opposition leaders said the government needs to promote a long-term functioning economy like the one PN has created in the past. This is done by creating new economic niches such as the maritime sector and financial services, ensuring high salaries for many.

He added that the government should incentivize companies to study their situation and try to improve by upgrading their skills.


PN has met with about 200 farmers over the past few days and listened to their concerns. In addition, the party has also taken it upon itself to inform them of land reforms that will drive amendments affecting farmland leasing.

He said that after hearing their problems, PN would tell them that they would be their voice in parliament and would lobby the government to provide guarantees to these workers. “.

Regarding the recent media bill, PN said it has been meeting with several journalists, media houses and experts to better understand the scenario and is urging the government to withdraw the bill from parliament. The bill has more costs written on it than the bill itself. ”

Regarding the consultation process, he said it needs to be as wide-ranging as possible, as even those who stage dramas in theaters in the future could be affected and restricted in what they can say about their freedom of expression. said.

From meetings with local councils, PN has witnessed them suffer a natural death, Mr Grech said.

He said many local councils now act as a “customer service” for the government, ending up with problems caused by the government, such as problems arising from road construction. ‘I hope the next budget will be good’ – Grech talks about government money spent on ‘propaganda’

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