“I want to grow as a football country,” believes Indian female coach Slen Cettri.

New Delhi [India]June 21 (ANI): India’s women’s team head coach Suren Chettri bravely aims to grow as a football nation when playing against Sweden U23 in the WU23 3-Nations tournament on Wednesday. I believe it will be.

Slen coached the Indian Arrows Women’s Team in the final edition of the Indian Women’s League, and also coached the Junior Women’s Team before joining as the interim head coach for this exposure tour.

“We aim to make a good show. Sweden is second in the FIFA world rankings and it will be difficult to play against them. Sweden too. But the approach to the game is important. We need to have faith, and have the courage to face such a team. We want to grow as a country of football, “Chettri said in a statement.

“Treatment with senior girls is another approach. Here we focus on the results, at the junior level we focus on the development process. There are many girls who have represented the country several times, and there are also new girls. Good. Attitude. The national team is a process. New players have shown that they are good, so they are here. Most importantly, how they tackle training sessions and upcoming matches. ” He added.

The team played a friendly match between Egypt and Jordan in Jordan in April 2022, and when they won both matches, they were finally seen working together at the international level.

Meanwhile, forward Dangmei Grace is ready to take on a new challenge to Sweden.

“We’re going to play against a strong team. It’s very challenging for us. It’s going to be a new style of playing with them, and we’re all excited to play under a new coach. “Grace said.

“These exposure tour matches not only help improve the game, but also help us mentally prepare for the new challenges we face as individuals and teams,” she added.

India is currently ranked 56th in the FIFA rankings as it rose 3 points last week. (ANI) “I want to grow as a football country,” believes Indian female coach Slen Cettri.

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